the form of the Shianti


Hey everyone,

This thoughts been swiming around in my head. Does anyone know what they look like? I heard they had mirror like eyes. I had a cool idea.

It would be cool to think of them as having reflective eyes, (mirror like) but like liquid, with a light behind it so they shine. Kind of like the portal is in the movie Stargate. I picture their eyes as kind of shimmering liquid silver like pools that ripple ever so softly. And with a glowing light beneith it. As for their bodies. I picture them as elven in figure, with long silver hair that blows in a spectral like slow motion wind. When they move they don't make a sound. They tend to appear and disappear like a spirit when someone isn't noticing. Kind of like those movies where someone looks away and the other being is gone.

Just some cool musings to give them an other-worldly feel. Any comments?

I'm thinking of writing a short story surrounding the Shainti.

There is a pic of the Shianti "high council" at the beginning of "Grey Star the wizard" by Paul Bonner. He pictured them as old-aged human-like beings with, yes, mirror-like reflecting eyes (but not shinning.) As for the rest (moving without a sound, appearing and disappearing and the like) Ian Page does not give any details. I don't really see them like that.