the announcement thoughts

Mongoose Old Bear said:
Ted Chang even made Matthew put a Gurkha unit into the game! Seriously though, all these armies are going to be great value and they have all beaten each other in playtesting, so there will be no 'uber' army.

Gurkhas! Excellent! :D Hopefully plenty of kukris but I don't recommend modelling the severed ear trophies..... :wink:
Mongoose Old Bear said:
Greg Smith said:
Mongoose Old Bear said:
I like Gurkhas because they don't care about assaulting troops in cover. they just get the kukris out and clear the resident EFTF player (or British, as I prefer to call them :wink: ) I never leave home without them. Also Ted threatend to visit me if i didn't...

Maybe you should paint 'Chang' on the base. No-one would dare shoot at that one. :)

Or better yet make a 'Gurkha Hero' figure that looks like Ted.

We actually talked about this in a light-hearted moment. Maybe one day we'll produce an elite Mongoose Hall combat team set. :shock:

I'd buy it just to say I own mogoose's top people. Would get a laugh outa my friends. I'm a mixed reviewer on the whole prepainted thing. On one hand I think prepainted figs will reach alot of new people here in my town, but I like my own paint schemes on MI. I am however totally waiting for prepainted Arachnids, cause I hated painting my demo warriors. I think ill buy another set of cougars, and grizzlies before the new figs though.
What about the Swedes? They recently bought a lot of Leopard 2 A5. . . then they increases the armour in the front and turret about 12 tone. Oh my, no anti-tank wepaon can breach this armour yet.
I'm very excited about this. I get to start playing the game at an easy level with a few unit combos to work with. As I play more units will come out to make the game more diverse as I better understand the rules. Also, I don't have to worry about painting a huge horde of minis which I have no time or skill to do in a proper manner. I do plan on painting emblems like patches and the like on my units to help them stand out from the right out of the box ones though. I just need to find a stencil or make one to do so.

I've been waiting for something like this for a long time and have passed on so many games that I would still like to play because of the time investment in painting the minis. I do plan on being a hardcore player and hope I can drum up alot of support for the game in the central florida area. This along with the new WoW TCg coming out are taking center stage as my main hobbies. I've been out of the game for some time now after moving across the country and starting a relationship and all. Now that things are settled, I'm coming back to the gaming world I missed and love.