I'm going to run my PC's through an adaptation of "A Witch Shall Be Born", and I'm having trouble coming up with stats for Thaug, Salome's demon. At first, I was going to just strip all the magical abilities from a Hezrou demon from the Monster Manual, but now that we're switching over to the Conan d20 system, I think there are more options.

From the story, it's pretty obvious that Thaug has a close-to-nonexistent Dodge, and probably a fairly crappy Parry as well. He's got pretty good DR, but several flights of arrows still put him down. I'm guessing he'll have a slow movement rate, hideously powerful melee attacks, but his weakness will be his defense. I don't want him to tear up the party, as Constantius and his asshuri mercenaries should have already done that, but I want him to scare the living daylights out of them before the Kozaki feather him with arrows.
Anonymous said:
wait for the scrolls of skelos

I think he was hoping to run Thaug before the end of March when Skelos comes out...

My advice is go with your gut. Off the top of my head (and I can't remember a damn thing about Thaug), give him DR 5 (+5 natural), 2 Claws (1d6+6 STR, slashing, AP 0) and 1 bite (2d4+6 STR, piercing, AP 2), Dodge +1?
Sounds pretty decent, though I'll probably up the claw damage to 1d8. Thaug seemed like he'd be hellish to actually fight in melee, but easy to feather. In the story, he hopped out onto the steps of the temple, scared the living hell out of the assembled peasantry, and was quickly brought down by several flights of massed Zuagir archery.