Combining High & Dry with Mission on Mithril [Spoilers]


Banded Mongoose
I'll be introducing a new group to Traveller next week. I was thinking about starting them off with High & Dry and then going to Mission on Mithril, and started thinking about ways to smooth the transition between the two. I'm thinking that the agent from MoM is another passenger on the Autumn Gold, on his way to the naval station at Elixabeth. The players get to know him a bit then say good by when they get to Walston.

When they return to the Walston starport with their ship, there is a new message waiting for them. It says that there's this agent that took something from the Naval base and is heading back to the Sword World through Mithril. There is no time to return to Flamarion, they have to head out after the agent in their barely operational ship. Mission on Mithral unfolds pretty much normally from there.

The advantage of this is that they already know the agent (as suggested by Seth Skorkowsky) and so have a better shot at understanding what happened at the starport. They are also missing their air raft, and their ship is barely functional with makes the EMP device more believable. Having to take the ATV is a lot less contrived. I'm also thinking about having the agent be alive on the planet. That way they need to deal with him, while they are trying to rescue the other people and find the granitic component they need.

I'm excited enough about this idea, that I thought I would share it here. Any suggestions or feedback are, of course, welcome.