How often do you use the Temptress class?

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Banded Mongoose
How often do you use this class in your game? Do your players have a Temptress as character?
I do have a Nobel/Temptress in my group and she loves the manipulative "powers" of the class. The SSneak Attack makes her one of the more deadly member of the group under the right circumstances.
Again surprisingly I get a lot of them too as PCs and NPCs. My Dark Conan Sourcebook is slowly filling up with them too. After all virtually every female character in the stories is a Temptress.....
One of my players (ironically, the most relatively innocent of the group) is playing a temptress/thief to great effect. So far, her most notorious act has been, with her twin sister (an equally charasmatic sorceress), seducing and then selling into slavery the slaver who recruited the party thief into trying to drug them and sell them.

Honor among thieves? Not really. The thief has been smitten on the temptress since he got caught in range of a Dance of Desire and he figured "I sell her off, I'll never get to see that again..."
There are 2 women in my gaming group, one is playing a pirate/temptress. The other is playing a Dervish which has temptress in there somewhere.
My last group I was in used one - after the sole female player read Hyboria's Fallen, she realized how playable the class is. She's planning another for the group I'm running now.
I plan on introducing a recurring NPC Temptress to my compaign soon. I have high hopes for her (if you can have high hopes for a Temptress...).
DaveNC said:
I have high hopes for her (if you can have high hopes for a Temptress...).
Isn't that what a Temptress specializes in... engendering "high hopes" in others (usually regarding what she can potentially "provide" to them). ;)