TAS membership dividens


So the core rule book says that every 2 months members get 1 high passage ticket, and that ticket can be used, retained or sold. I have a player who was about the luckiest SOB and somehow managed to get 2 Ship's boats and 10 ship shares. His SOC is like a 15 or some thing ridiculous. But he posed the question to me how much are these tickets worth. I at the time didn't have an answer for him, other than to say that they are very valuable, high passage is the top class of space travel.

After the character generation session I managed to track down the table for the costs of passage but it is broken up into parsecs traveled. It is a very wide range 1 parsec is Cr8,500 to 6 parsecs Cr 470,000. So fellow Refs how do you price out TAS high passage tickets? Do you price them at 1 parsec or avg it out at 3 parsecs, or do you roll a D6 for it, indicating how well TAS investments paid off?


Cosmic Mongoose
I would suggest a J2 Ticket worth 12 000 Cr.
TL 12 standard tech is J3 Jump capacity and a 20 000 Cr ticket.

Choice is yours. Just assume a player will sell the tickets and buy weapons whenever possible. :)


Cosmic Mongoose
msprange said:
Tempted to say that if they are with United or Delta, they are non-transferable...
Yeah, but you know that if someone tried to bump a Traveller from their seat, they'd fight back hard :)