Sword Worlds & Aliens of Charted Space 1 - Now in Stock!


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Good news for all Travellers - both Sword Worlds and Aliens of Charted Space Volume 1 have arrived and are now in stock!

Pre-orders are being sent out right now, and everyone else can snaggle their own copies.

Sword Worlds: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/sword-worlds2.html
Aliens of Charted Space 1: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/aliens-of-charted-space-vol-1.html

And for North American Travellers:

Sword Worlds: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/us/sword-worlds2.html
Aliens of Charted Space 1: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/us/aliens-of-charted-space-vol-1.html


Sword Worlds
Sword Worlds details the people of the Sword Worlds Confederation as they have never been seen before. Their motivations, their strengths and their weaknesses – along with the truth behind Imperial stereotypes of reckless spacegoing chauvinists, and the darker side of their culture.

This book examines how the worlds of the Confederation interact with one another, and how a technologically outmatched people have managed to stave off Imperial dominance for so long. Their armed forces are technologically simple yet incredibly resilient; their navy is very different to that of the Imperium. Minelayers, torpedo boats and orbital defence platforms defend the home worlds whilst battlecruisers raid deep into enemy territory.

Aliens of Charted Space Volume 1
Aliens of Charted Space Volume 1 details four spacefaring cultures, three of them alien and one curiously familiar. These are the Zhodani, humans transplanted from Earth to develop in far-off Zhdant. Their well-ordered society is very different to the squabbling mini-states of the Vargr despite sharing a common Terran ancestry. The Aslan and the K’Kree, meanwhile, are polar opposites; proud warriors and militant herd-creatures.

This book contains rules for creating Travellers from each of these alien races, High Guard additions and new ships, and Central Supply Catalogue entries for their new equipment.
Excellent news. I keep having to remind myself why there's a gap on my Traveller shelf, so it will be good to finally fill it. :)
I got my copy of Aliens 1 last week. Let me compliment Mongoose on the excellent packing job for the book. These days when I order RPG books online I often have to send them back because they have crumpled corners. No such problem here!
I found a typo - you've spelt, millennia with 1 n at the beginning of the K'kree section. May not be important you may say but it changes the whole meaning. Let me explain ... The word millennium comes from two Latin words mille meaning 1,000 and annus meaning year. Note the two ns. By removing one n, you change the meaning.