Swim DC table missing from AE & PE


Swim DC table missing from AE & PE

Hi Guys just a heads up, the Swim DC table is missing from the Atlantean Edition and Pocket Edition rule book;
The table appears on the old edition but not on the newer ones,

With that I also wanted to ask what kind of complications, difficulties, penalties, actions and such would there be for combat in chest deep and deeper waters (I’ve checked the mentioned books and Pirate Isles, I may be missing something as it’s kind of late now, oh, well, that just tells you what keeps a Conan fan awake :roll: )
Wow. I didn't know there was such a thing!
Would you be willing to post it for the benefit of those who have both AE and CRp?
You've raised a heretofore unknown complication.
I have the paperback (CRp) and the hardback (AE) and have compiled the Master Index, logging the differences between the two, but I don't have the 1st ed. Obviously we need to have someone scan thoroughly through the 1st ed. and note such things. I will update my Index as soon as I have the information on the 1st ed.
yep, their the same, here's the table

Water Swim DC
Calm Water 10
Rough Water 15
Stormy Water 20*

*You cannot take 10 on a Swim check in stormy water, even if you aren’t otherwise being threatened or distracted

so ti looks like you cant fight when swiming? i supose defense goeas to 10 also?
then if trying to attack you go underwater and can only do move or free actions ( does that mean you can talk underwater :p ) if doing a standard or full action (attacking) you are able to only hold your breath for 1/2 the time

we'll i'm thinking there should be some penalty to defense and attack, maybe even flatfooted?
This might help...