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which is your favourite mongoose system

  • bablyon 5

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  • conan

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  • dredd

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  • slaine

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  • lone wolf

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  • paranoia

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  • macho women with guns

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  • OGL

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toothill man

was wondering which game system from mongoose you used the most are you a bab5 type of guy or does conan beat them all please vote and also say why
slaine for me is the best ever but also the one I play,I collect conan,lone wolf,dredd,the slayers,the EAs,the quints etc and looking hard at SST rpg for the future but it is slaine that I come too everytime the only roleplaying game in my opinion to capture the wild celtic feel many have tried only slaine feels right.
Dredd, Dredd, 2000ad etc have a lot to answer for in my life, but mongoose would not have kept my interest like they have without dredd. I look forward to another release of dredd, although I would have been far happier had it not been a level based d20 system the mongoose boys and girls made it work for them very nicely.
B5 is the only Mongoose game is collect (at the moment), i was really happy when i found out Mongoose were actually doing the game because there has been no B5 miniatures game since Agents Of Gaming
Aw heck this just isn't fair, we can only pick ONE??? :)

I've got just about every Mongoose release over the last 12 months, but if pushed I have to choose B5. It's my all-time favourite show (although it's being threatened by Alias), and after the disappointment that was The Babylon Project seeing a good RPG with the amount of support Mongoose have given it and being d20 system to boot made it everything I could wish for.

The B5 core book was the second Mongoose product I ever bought, just after the Dredd RPG. As a longtime fan of GW's Dredd game I surprised myself by consigning the GW boxed set to the archives after picking up Mongoose's version. was pretty much founded on a mix of Mongoose books and LotR Minis, with the occasional other product scattered in there, and to be honest thats still our two major product areas- although the Mongoose Minis are now threatening the GW stuff :)
Got to be Conan.

It took everything I liked about D&D, and replaced everything I didn't like, turning it into a system much mor suited to my style of gaming.

I couldn't have done a better job of customising the game to my liking if I had done it myself.


Of course, with WFRPv2 coming soon, I may well be abandoning Mongoose altogether ;)
mthomason said:
Aw heck this just isn't fair, we can only pick ONE??? :)

I'd mirror the above sentiment..choosing one is difficult as almost all the games and licenses Mongoose have released and released for, thus far have all been things I and my group liked..

But I would say dearest to my heart and the one in which I take the most pleasure running, as well as being the one which my group go above and byeond the call to make themselves available not only to play but to playtest for is Babylon 5.
You left off A2089 :p

Well B5 is my favorite, but nobody is interested (2 supplements) :cry:

Conan is second favorite (2 supplements)

Slaine and A2089(2 supplements) is about even.

All my gaming group wants to play is DnD(which i like), Hero system :? , and Deadlands(Cant stand the card initiative system).

oh well :?
At the moment its A Call to Arms. My B5 RPG campaign died because I now work on Saturday evenings.

I love Lone Wolf and would like to play or run more of it.
Lone Wolf all the way, baby! I grew up with Lone Wolf, and now I get to introduce it to others in a group setting! I wonderful world with a great writer and a stellar game.

Lone Wolf, as it's the only Mongoose product line I collect at the moment.

I'm pretty intrigued by Armageddon 2089 though. A warmek RPG? Sounds cool! The background bits are really interesting too, IMO.
I had to vote B5 because it's what started my "relationship" with Mongoose,
but Paranoia, Lone Wolf and Slaine are all very close behind.
I am understandably biased, but I felt compelled to vote for Conan the Roleplaying Game. I get to play a game written the way I like it!

I cannot believe the Conan fans are letting B5 beat us!
Has to be Bab5, although PXP may win a spot in my heart and maybe Jeremiah once I see the show! Oh, and SST . . .

(I need more disposable income)
For me, Slaine wins by a severed head. :twisted:

Ever since I read the first strip in 2000AD back in the 80's I've wanted to adventure in the Land of the Young. I've still got the pages from a school exercise book where I made notes of all the wild new fantasy concepts in the comics that fired my imagination as I read them. Brain-balls, warp spasms, drunes, salmon leaps, skull swords, sky chariots ... and so much more.

When I found out Mongoose had the Slaine license, it brought me back into the rpg fold after many years away from gaming. 8)
With no doubt it is Conan! The rulebook combined with the supplements, Gm screen, map and now boxed adventures - this game not only rules but the future is so bright you might want to wear shades! Like this guy --> 8)

Second is Lone Wolf!