Stock Tracker Tool

I was working on a new type of campaign with a probably overdeveloped background and wanted to make stocks viable for the characters (and our GM). I recalled seeing a system for stocks in one of the JTAS books, and found it in Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, Vol. 3. In my opinion, managing such a thing manually is woefully impractical, and I thought I could easily implement that in a spreadsheet. It turns out I was partially correct. I was able to implement it in a spreadsheet, but it was not as easy as I had initially anticipated. The current version is functioning as intended, though there are a couple features I came up with as I was creating this thing that I have not yet implemented:
  • automatic formatting of months in the history tab
  • automatic formatting of years in the history tab
  • stock purchase with button click
  • stock sale with button click

I created this in Libre Office, which is a free open source alternative to Microsoft Office. I have published the code used in the macros, as well as the spreadsheet itself (click on Releases on the right-hand side of the page), to Github: Fair warning: the macros are definitely not the best code I have ever written (the documentation for macro BASIC in Libre Office is decidedly lacking).

In any case, feedback is always appreciated. This is not something I intend to invest a great deal of time into maintaining, but would like to mature it over time if it is actually used. If anybody else would like to contribute to that effort, please feel free to submit Pull Requests on Github.

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