Starship Maintenance: Bringing back the Annual Overhaul


Banded Mongoose
I think the Mongoose Traveller changes to maintenance are quite good, but I did find myself missing the old two-week annual overhaul. I've had a lot of fun running adventures while crews were trying to enjoy their "vacations."

Our house rules bring back the overhaul, but give PCs a few more options for reducing those maintenance costs:


From page 145 of the core rule book.

Repairs and Maintenance: A ship needs maintenance, which
costs 0.1% of the total purchase price of the ship per year.
Maintenance should be carried out each month (divide the
year’s maintenance cost by 12 to find the monthly cost.
Once per year this should be performed at a shipyard.
If maintenance is skipped or skimped on, roll 2D each
subsequent month, with a DM equal to the number of
months skipped. On 8+, the ship suffers a critical hit. Roll
2D on the Poor Maintenance table and apply the effects.


Cosmic Mongoose
Thanks for bringing this up!
At my table, what I tell the PCs that the monthly costs for odds-and-ends spares that are used during operational upkeep AND saving up for the costs of an annual 10-14 day powered down shipyard-level inspection, maintenance, and recertification process.