Spels to play with


Post spells you come up with to play with hear. Hear are threee that i have just came up with, let me know ehat you think of them and if you think they are too overpowering.

Forgot the spells, so here they are

MRQ Spells

Spirit Spear
Ct 1 Mag2 touch Trigger
Rune – spirit

Imbues a sprit into a spear, then when it hits it dose 1d10 damage instead of normal damage. It is a one-use spell.
The spear looks like it is surrounded buy the spirits plants and animals until it is used.

Spirit Talk
Rune spirit
Ct 1 Duration 5 Magnitude 1+ Progressive
Allows the caster to ask a local spirit questions during the duration of the spell.
The sprit, can base its answer on the way it is treated, and the answer is going too more complicated the higher the magnitude the spell is. Mag 1 spells yes or no, 2 general
Knowledge, and more coplacate answers as the magnitude goes up.

Spirit armor
CT 1 Dur10 mag1 progressive ranged
Rune spirit
Caster summons some the spirits of plants and animals to help protect the target.
1 point of AP per point of Magnitude to every hit location, and it stacks with existing armor.
Spiritual Army

Shamanistic ritual in effect for the duration of combat or for a cost of MP per round/per attuned spirit

An enchantment that (per level) allies a spirit with your actions, so that when you attack, you get an additional strike for each spirit/level of the spell.

Depending on the runic association of the spirits you are intune with then the additional effects may vary or stack!

E.g. Spirit with Fire, one with Stasis and another with darkness all strike and affect the target with each strike.

Maybe +3 fire damage, -5 penalty to Strike Rank and reduces the targets ability to see well thus implying a -10% penalty to all actions.....

Chris, what did you have in mind for the casting time, magnitudu and duration of the spell. Is it progressiev ext.

I do like the idea.

To be honest I don't have the rulebook to hand, but I suppose the limiter would be how many spirits you have, one round per spirit to attune them to you and 1MP cost per round to keep them in harmony.

So 1MP (one spirit) in round one, 2 MP (2 spirits) in round 2.

As for casting time....suggest something that sounds reasonable.

To be honest I got more a kick out of the idea of someone appearing infront of party of players wreathed in spirits rather than in the actual mechanics.

Also maybe once the spirits are attuned, the spell has a 5 minute duration but you pay MPs and one combat action to 'activate' the spirits you want that round. That'd stop players just running around until the bad guys MP runout!

Over to you!

I won't flood the thread with them, but I'm working on spells (and other stuff) and posting it to my wiki. If you are interested, have a look.

I haven't added the notice yet, but all my general RQ stuff will be considered OGL, so feel free to play with it.

I hope to get the actual 'rules' for the casting up in the next couple of days, I've been hammering out spells for the various magical traditions.



Oh, btw. . . what I've done so far is basically my version of 'sorcery' and divine magic.