Special Operations careers


Banded Mongoose
Good day. For my 2300 AD game, my players want to play special operation operatives during the Kafer war. Is there a book that provides details for the possible various special operations type of careers (e.g. raiders)?


well, there might be, the mongoose first edition mercenary book has a bunch of mercenary careers some of them could be applied for that, and at the very least it may help you, the new merc books have some info on stuff like that as well but again not precisely what you are looking for.
I saw Invasion on the release list. I'll likely be a good two months into my campaign by then, but like every 2300 AD release, it's on my to-get list on the day of release. I'll check the first edition merc book to see what I can glean from there, and I've already looked through Mercenary and Specialist Forces to glean what nuggets I can from there. Thanks!

I just hope Mongoose doesn't lose sight of the rest of the setting the way GDW did. The Kafer war just about took over, and all the other goodies took a back seat (until they tried to insert Cyberpunk):
1 - the evil French Empire
2 - the provolutionists (much easier to do these days with a lot more written with regards to mechanical and biological augementation)
3 - exploration
4 - colonisation
5 - the Evil French Empire
6 - the cyberpunk crossover (these days I would downplay the punk and emphasize the transhumanist provolutionists)
7 - learning about the other races in the setting
8 - the true nature of the pentapods (I can't be the only one who thinks the gods will have created human replicant bullets by now)
9 - the AGRA intelligence
10 - The Evil French Empire.
11 - the various NGOs
12 - the megacorporations of the setting
13 - national rivalries
14 - new "nations"
15 - guess :)

so much potential and all we got was Kafers. I am delighted that the Bayern boxed set was released first :)
I certainly would like to see some "Core" world cyberpunk shenanigans. Having more cyberpunk in 2300 AD would be great. I normally keep the cyberpunk feel on Tirane and Earth, given the fact that both of them have extensive "Big Brother" security. Plus, with Transnats/Megacorps, the opportunity to make runs against them would be fun. In addition, Provolution activities would be great as well, as there is a large amount of plot possibilities there. I certainly would like seeing things not previously published, and a new campaign (for example, activities against the Provolution in an extended adventure/mini-campaign) developed. I would wage that a vast majority of the 2300AD players here are long time 2300AD players, and likely familiar with both Bayern and the Kafer Invasion.

Just my $0.02.

Oh, and the Pentapods are evil. I'm quite convinced of this.
One of the good things about MgT unifying T2300 and Traveller rules wise is it it much easier to borrow from one to the other. So the Traveller Mercenary set has a lot of useful stuff for T2300 military operations, while just about everything in Toolf for Frontier Living can fit into a TL7-13 world where appropriate.