Sorting out scopes for personal combat


I have for a while now being trying to sort out the issue of scopes and range increments in the Armageddon rulebooks. I was hoping some of the list members may have some advice or come up with their own solution. (I am also posting this on the rulemasters forum hoping for a response/errata from Mongoose).

There appears to be a few contradictions/incompatabilities/problems with scopes as presented in the rules. Firstly there is the scope presented in the main rulebook which adds 15 m to all range increments of a weapon it is fitted to. Then the Soldiers Companion adds a series of scopes with varying range increment multipliers (multiply range increment by 1.5, 3, etc).

My main querry is how do you guys interpret this? Does the basic scope represent a baseline model with no multiplication? Do the scopes in SC superceded the main rulebook? If so why are they cheaper and lighter than the useless model presented in the main rules?

My first thought was that the main rulebook scope is a plain optical scope with no magnification, it just enhances the user's ability to aim by giving him a set of crosshairs and rangefinder. Then the SC scopes are actually enhancements (turn your plain 1:1 scope into a 1.5x or 5x scope by adding the listed cost and weight). Does this sound feasible or should I just ignore the scope from the main rulebook?

The second big problem I have is that the 'enhanced' range increments are included in the stat block for weapons that come fitted with a scope even though you can't use them in all situations, ie scopes don't cound when rapid firing so you have to subtract 15 m from the stat table to find the rapid fire range increment. It is also unclear which weapons include scopes and the scope range increment adjustments as there is some varyation in the range increments of similar weapons such as the assault rifles all having a wide range of basic ranges.

Any thoughts on how to clear it up would be appreciated.
You have discovered the problem of multiple writers.

Personal preference would be ignore the standard scope in favor of those from Soldiers Companion. Reduce the base range increment and cost of the M35 rifle since it explicitly states the bonus and cost is added in but not M35 Grenade Launcher. The PSG3 and Barrett heavy sniper rifle describe a scope but not including the bonus. IMHO the rang of these weapons should be increased since they are shorter than equivalent machine guns. I would make PSG3 90m (equal to LMG) and Barrett 100m (equal to 12.7mm HMG). These ranges would determine max range and be modified by scopes added.

Thanks for the response. This was the way I was leaning as well - ignore the main rulebook reference and use the scopes from Soldiers COmpanion and assunme anything mentioning an inetegral scope has a 1.5x scope.

However, I was reading a couple of books about military automatic rifles and several models are refered to as having 1x integral scopes. This got me wondering if this is what they were trying to represent in the rulebook, a basic scope/sighting system that can mount acessories like reflex sights, etc. but has no magnification effects. Does this sound right? I have to admit my knowledge of military issues is purely book-based and a little patchy sometimes.
Scopes are notoriously inconsistent in game representations.

I suspect the standard scope was included because they are to common to leave out. The designer probably expected to have expanded rules for them at a later date.

While 1X sights probably have some (real world) benefit I would simply leave them out. If you wanted a 1X scope go with $50, 50g may add up to three features. Rather than being an actual scope it would be a housing and mount for accessories.