Solomon Kane RPG Announced

Goddammit, that sounds cool!

I've actually just ordered me a copy of Savage Worlds as I've heard so much good stuff about it (mostly on Would have been cool to see a Mongoose d20 version as well, though...

Thanks for the heads-up, Ashigaru!
The book will have the full Savage Worlds rules, apparently. I'm kind of surprised Mongoose didn't snatch up the license.

I'm not sure I'd want to run a full Solomon Kane game, but the book could be a good source of ideas for a Conan Black Kingdoms game...
Bummer. I was hoping that Mongoose would be tying in all the cool REH legends into source books compatible with Conan. Looks like that is not to be the case. Oh well. I may check it out. Probably wait to hear more from everyone else first.

Still hoping for a Kull sourcebook from Mongoose :D

Wonderful! Thanks for the info!

After having read some 19th century African novels (Sir Henry Rider Haggard's Allan Quatermain, SHE, King Solomon's Mines etc.) I'm really into African adventures: instead of the iconic Englishman; I'm thinking of a Stygian noble (Acheronian) as protagonist and the other PCs as retainers - after some remodeling all the novels fit 1A in a coherent storyline: SHE as a vampire queen, King Solomon's Mines as a forgotten site once belonging to a greater Stygian empire, the white race from Alla Quatermain as remants of the Giant Kings (or the Atlanteans - see Solomon Kane) - ah, wonderful!
I would have preferred a Mongoose Kane RPG too. Ah well, I'll definitely have to check this out. I really like some of your ideas René - in all my years of roleplaying I've never played a game in the 16th century. I really like the art they have developed:


8) 8)
Just saw the announcement a few minutes ago on the Pinnacle site and am now starting to calm down now... :D

Having played both OGL 3.5 and Savage Worlds, I think I would prefer it for the latter. The main factor being money. I really do like Mongoose's treatment of Conan...however, like D&D, it will start suffering (if it hasn't already) from a case of too many books/supplements, and thus, a big outlay of cash will be needed to keep up. For Savage Worlds, all that will be needed will be the main rulesbook and the campaign book...additional material will be either available for free download or cheap PDF's based upon their past history with previous Savage Worlds campaigns. I have also found the combat system to be somewhat faster in comparison as well. I do realize that Savage Worlds may not be for everyone, but I really like it for its cost effectiveness, ease of play, faster learning curve (especially if you want to attract new players), and portability (less books to haul around as a gamemaster). 8)

I'll still keep buying Conan though, my "addiction" runs too deep... :wink:
I never quite understand the criticism that d20 or OGL systems get versus others when it pertains to the number of books and materials available. The argument seems to be that you only really need a source book for the other systems while you must spend a small fortune on OGL source books to make it enjoyable.

Just not true. All you really need to play d20 Conan is the core book and some background info from the REH books or comics and you are good to go. The wonderful thing about the d20 system is that it is so popular that new sourcebooks and OPTIONS are made available to purchase to expand on an already great system. They are not mandatory.

But with any system, if you enjoy the setting or the system, you will most likely purchase optional books on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, many of these other systems just do not have the following to warrant publication.

I will probably pick up the Pinnacle books but just as an FYI, the investment will be:

Advanced Rules: $23.99
Screen: $19.99

Plus whatever the cost of the Solomon Kane game is. No small investment in its own right.

High Lord Dee said:
I will probably pick up the Pinnacle books but just as an FYI, the investment will be:

Advanced Rules: $23.99
Screen: $19.99

Plus whatever the cost of the Solomon Kane game is. No small investment in its own right.


The Solomon Kane game is self-contained, you don't need any other Savage World books to play.
Wow! I just got Savage Worlds and I must say its a fantastic book! While the artwork is a little blah, the rules are awesome. Very simple and very easy to port into any campaign world.

I could see it being very useful for Conan as well as many of my other games. I usually love systems that don't rely on hp as it makes my characters a lot more weary about how they approach combat.
Per my previous post regarding OGL and the "need" for every book that comes out (and the additional monetary outlay needed). From my years of RPGing (since 1977), I do feel there are reasons why some are critical of the book "glut."

- Player demand...there are always some member(s) of a group that want more than what the DM/GM can provide due to time restrictions...granted it may be one player, but in my experience it was usually the one who tended to act in a leadership capacity and would sway the rest of the group. Thus, to placate players (and keep group intact) and save time, GM/DM must buy more stuff; :?

- DM/GM "needs" it...whether through clever marketing, lack of time to further develop campaign, or the collector's instinctual need for "completeness," DM/GM buys more stuff; :roll:

- Game "Upgrades" in 3rd edition, 4th edition, revised edition, or whatever...see above reasons plus the usual hope that the game will improve in a significant way; :eek:

In any case, I just preferred Savage Worlds due to its format for fewer books needed, and if any additional stuff is needed...I find it much easier to create NPC's, monsters, treasure, etc. due to the game's simplicity...thus less time consuming as in some cases I find I have an easier time of doing it "on the fly." :D

OGL 3.5 isn't the only system guilty of this as most every RPG tends to do this at one time or another. :? Anyhow, I could probably go on and on about this, but I guess I'll end this rant with the old saying about how you can't please everybody...

Now back to our regularly scheduled praise of all things Conan and/or REH... :D (I hope)
VincentDarlage said:
Weary (as in tired) or wary (as in cautious)?

That would be wary :p My bad. My group is pretty confident these days when they are sitting at full (or near full) hit points and fully armoured. They are almost 6th level now and are wading through my mooks like a kiddie pool. And I do realize that hp were invented to be simple, and NOT realistic, but with Conan, I'd really like to see more realism in combat.

My group loves Conan though, and REH is my new favourite author of all time!
Yay Puritan adventure!

(Also yay the authors of the press release for not calling SK 'pulp fiction', as if that was a homogenous genre and not a broad publishing category.)
I've been VERY impressed with Mongoose's handling of the Conan license and I have the majority of the books... but, I run my Conan game with Savage Worlds. I think the Solomon Kane game will indeed be great and it's my hope that it will be popular enough to go beyond the core book and become a entire line of products.
I sat in on the Robert E. Howard Q&A at GenCon and it was very reassuring how seriously all these people took Howard's creations. If things continue in this vein, I should suspect we'll be seeing Kull somewhere in our role-playing future as well as Bren Mak Morn. I know they were planning on larger and larger events each year. And now that we've got Conan in books, comics, RPGs, Miniatures, and video games and Solomon Kane making himself known to the masses.... a great time for we Howard fans. :)
Also, there's going to be some Solomon Kane adventures ran by the game's creator, Shane Hensley, at Con on the Cob in November. It's being called the Gathering of Savages so if you've wanted to try out the Savage Worlds system, this is the place to do it as the game's creators and writers will be there running games.

I'll be there running games for 12 to Midnight. It promises to be a great time so check it out! :D
Well, that gives me lots of time to try out Savage Worlds, as well as read some Solomon Kane stories.

I'm still trying to get through my REH Conan and BMM books but they keep releasing his books so fast its hard to keep up :)

Not to mention that Kull and REH's Crusades stories are being published again in a couple months, I have a lot of reading to do!!!