Solomani Front Feedback


Hi Matt,
Thanks for the quick response. Here's a list I've got so far.
Page 238: lists "Capella" sector, but this should be Ximenes sector as far as I can tell.
Page 236: first line says 35 worlds, but there's only 34 in the list on page 237.
Page 240: The first paragraph references Faro, but it's a world in Ximenes subsector, not McKenzie.
Page 237: Shurregaa is shown as part of the Imperium, but the map and text leads one to believe that it's part of the Confederation
Page 259: The text references 90 billion inhabitants, but the pop code shown in the world list and map shows a code of 7.
Page 269: The text reference 26 worlds, but the list and map shows well over 30 worlds in Fervore subsector.

I originally found them in the printed book, but they are also shown in the current PDF from bits & mortars.

Just to let you all know, Solomani Front has now been updated and the new file is available from our website, Drivethru, and Bits and Mortar.
And it still has erroneous Ga codes for dozens of worlds throughout both sectors...