Solomani Front Errata


Fellow Travellers,
I'm a little behind, sometimes I just get caught re-reading Classic Traveller stuff, but have also been building and reading MgT2. As I perused through Solomon Front and was reading about Alpha Crucis sector (my old haunt from my HIWG days) I noticed some errors including mislabeled subsection maps, references to worlds in the write up that aren't in the sector, and what appear to be references to other subsectors (one starts out with "the subsector contains 26 worlds" when the map and the listing clearly shows 37 worlds in the subsector). Don't get me wrong, the art and layout is very nice (I could take the purist view and say Optima on white pages is the best, but I won't because I'm also a sucker for eye candy).

So, my question: Does Mongoose provide errata for these fairly expensive books (remember, my first ones were Mercenary and High Guard at $5 apiece)?

As a Traveller in my 43rd year, I know that there will almost always be mistakes, but I'd hope that there's a way to get corrections (at least the pen and ink variety).

Hey there,

If you can give us any page references of anything you happen to see, we will take a look at them for you!
Hi Matt,
Thanks for the quick response. Here's a list I've got so far.
Page 238: lists "Capella" sector, but this should be Ximenes sector as far as I can tell.
Page 236: first line says 35 worlds, but there's only 34 in the list on page 237.
Page 240: The first paragraph references Faro, but it's a world in Ximenes subsector, not McKenzie.
Page 237: Shurregaa is shown as part of the Imperium, but the map and text leads one to believe that it's part of the Confederation
Page 259: The text references 90 billion inhabitants, but the pop code shown in the world list and map shows a code of 7.
Page 269: The text reference 26 worlds, but the list and map shows well over 30 worlds in Fervore subsector.

I originally found them in the printed book, but they are also shown in the current PDF from bits & mortars.

I didn't pile on when it came out, but on trade codes, there's a bug in whatever methodology was used to indicate a Garden (Ga) world.
The requirement is Size 6-8, Atmosphere 5,6,8, Hydrosphere 5-7 (that one I never did like. I think it should be 6-8, but it's not, so I'll shut up about it).
In any case, for example, just looking at p. 244 Dagir subsector:
Arcadia, Bootrosi, Conterolla, Dagir, Hallom, Ke-Ady, and Yellowknife are all listed as Ga, but they don't qualify.

I could go on; it's like that in subsectors starting with Ximenes and all the way to Galloway, but I'm supposed to be in a meeting...