Solomani Confederation (Military)


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

1. Dependent on the forces engaged.

2. In theory, the Confederation starwarships could use combination torpedo/missile launcher; in practice, I can't really figure out how it works.

3. Attack starwarships would be one tonne below the two kilotonne threshold for the minus two modifier for torpedo targetting attacks.

4. Enemy vessels of at least two kilotonnes would be engaged at long distance, and are at a disadvantage in firing back their own torpedo salvos.

5. Advanced torpedoes would be used, negating any technological shortcomings of the attack starwarships, and having an immediate effect.

6. The commander is allowed to launch at very long (two rounds) and distant (seven turns) ranges.

7. Multiple launches could be combined and adjusted so that all the salvos arrive at the same time.

8. Standard torpedoes are used more as probing attacks.

9. Or, to save money.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

10. Which leaves us with the rest of the acceleration ten variants.

11. These should be launched as the attack starwarship flips between long and very long ranches.

12. That ensures that time to target is one round.

13. Anti radiation is to ensure hits on the enemy vessels who haven't switched off their radars.

14. In theory, should be faster than ten accelerations.

15. Plasma is to punch through armour, and inflict some real damage.

16, The electro magnetic pulse should preferably knock out propulsion.

17, Which would make it a sitting duck for an ortillery torpedo or missile.

18, Which another starwarship should release at medium, preferably short range.

19, Like a dive bomber.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

20. Or a torpedo bomber.

21. If the smallcraft goes into dogfight mode, you can empty entire magazines in sixty combat rounds.

22. Which seems more rocket mounted fighter bomber.

23. I don't see much point, in space combat, for multi warhead torpedoes.

24. Nor nuclear or bomb pumped.

25. Despite the fact that the Confederation is supposed to favour nuclear warheads, presumably against industrial infrastructure.

26. They are cheaper and manufactured at a lower technological level, than suitable alternatives.

27. But I doubt that the author truly considered the potential political fallout for widespread use of nuclear weapons.

28. Home Guard and member navies might be more inclined, since it's either to make up for a technological imbalance, or they view combat as more existential.

29. Though I suppose if they had a ten megatonne bomba, it might be more useful against a large space station or a battleship.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

30. Attack starwarships are specifically designed to go after, what would be termed fleet escorts and cruisers.

31. While battleships are potentially viable targets, it's like a barbecue, you want friends and family as they have more robust point defence and secondary armaments.

32. It's unlikely that Imperium tacticians are unaware, so leaving the cruiser screens naked is unlikely.

33. Close escorts and smallcraft screens would be used to neutralize confederation attack starwarships, if not distract them, before they latch on to their principal target(s).

34. Which is where the missiles come in.

35. Or go out.

36. Torpedoes are optimal against, presumably, destroyer to battle cruiser sized targets.

37. Anything larger tends to be a too tough nut to crack.

38. Anything smaller is harder to hit.

39. Missiles don't discriminate.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

40. Advanced would be the default choice by the Confederation Navy.

41. This minimizes interception time when launched from very long range.

42. Unless the enemy is rapidly closing, distant launch would be avoided.

43. After all, you don't want half the salvo wandering off.

44. Primary targets are sub two kilotonne hulls.

45. Considering the large amount of ordnance that can quickly be used up, and the ease of manufacture, standards are more fired for effect.

46. Or probing fire.

47. Nuclear warheads are constructed one technological level below.

48. They're salted in salvos in space combat, more to give the opposing side's damper operators something to do.

49. Or if a nuclear launch has been ordered against a specific target.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

50. Don't see much point in the decoy missile, as currently configured.

51. Fragmentation would be the go to after advanced, being the same acceleration and built at technological level eight.

52. It can take out up to four targets adjacent to each other and is cheaper than standard.

53. It also can be used as anti missile defence.

54, Jumpbreaker is an expensive piece of kit, and seems more like the taser option for law enforcement, or if you don't want to damage the hull or ship systems.

55. During an actual battle, against large combatants or capital ships, to really annoy the commander who probably doesn't want to risk a misjump if retreating.

56. Long range seems rather niche.

57. Multi warhead seems to fall into a similar niche area.

58. It costs three time standard, for three times slighly less damage and harder to to hit point defence.

59. It seems more a question of compressing maximum missiles within a specific time frame.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Torpedo/Missile Doctrine

60. Shockwave has some limited utility.

61. If your starwarship has extensive laser batteries, and mine tend do so, and the usual opponents have lots of sandcasters, it tends to clear the path.

62. Also, if getting a clear target lock is a priority.

63. The ortillery missile is actually more powerful than the nuclear one.

64. If the target is fixed, the penalty to hit is removed.

65. Which is where knocking out the propulsion system, even temporarily, comes in.

66. Heavy missile launchers need to hardpoints.

67. Considering their effects, this might be something to screw on a commercial vessel or a cheap conversion.

68. You'd think that for two and a half megastarbux you'd get a bigger bang for a nuke warhead than fifteen dice.

69. And without repeating myself, similar opinions on the other three variants.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Authorized Volunteer Armed Long Range Yeomanry: Organization

1. We'll want to avoid the necessity for pontoon bridges, so at least from buggy upwards, the vehicle should be amphibious.

2. Bridge weight limitations might also be an issue, so maybe keep it down to thirty tonnes.

3. Requisitioned private vehicles, preferably pickups, so you can turn them into technicals.


Emperor Mongoose
Assault Rifles of the Solomani Rim

The two primary designs are:

1. The Clash

2. The AssLite

The primary differences are that while the Clash has stagnated in development, it's most notable characteristic is it's ruggedness, which makes it a favourite for the weapon caches the Confederation likes spreading around the Rim, for the Day of Liberation.

The AssLite has mutated at times beyond the bounds of recognition, and remains a favourite for civilian users, especially for the wide range of customization that is possible with the platform.


Emperor Mongoose


. Clash Nine
Technological level
. nine
Receiver Type
. Assault
.. three hundred starbux
.. two kilogrammes
.. two quickdraw
. Advanced Projectile Weapon
.. twenty percent surcharge
.. ten percent weight reduction
.. minus one physical signature
.. twenty five percent range increase
. Ruggedization
.. thirty percent receiver cost increase
.. ten percent weight increase
.. plus two dice modifier roll on malfunction table
. Vacuumization
.. function normally in space or atmosphere
.. twenty percent receiver cost increase
. Barrel
.. carbine
. Assault Weapon
.. three hundred starbux
.. two kilograms
.. twenty bullets
.. plus two quickdraw

. Accessories
.. Picatinny rail
.. Bipod
.. Scope

. Stock
.. Folding


Emperor Mongoose
. Barrel
.. carbine
... twenty five percent receiver cost
... forty percent receiver weight
... minus ten percent range
... minus one damage point per two full damage dice

. Intermediate rifle ammunition
.. three dice
... three dice minus one
.. two hundred fifty metre range
... two hundred twenty five metre range
.... 281.25 metre range
.. fifty starbux per hundred
... probably the best bang for buck

. battle rifle ammunition
.. three dice plus three
... three dice plus two
.. minus twenty percent capacity
.. three hundred metre range
... two hundred seventy metre range
.... 337.5 metre range
.. hundred starbux per hundred


Emperor Mongoose
. light rifle ammunition
.. two dice
... two dice minus one
.. plus twenty percent capacity
.. one hundred fifty metre range
... two hundred thirty five metre range
.... 168.75 metre range
.. forty starbux per hundred
... probably have to make the platform really cheap, I mean, inexpensive


Emperor Mongoose
The advantages of a light rifle weapon system would be recoil, cost and weight.

Mass of the bullet would be eight to twelve, so two thirds or half more, depending on perspective; cost is a quarter more for intermediate.

For Traveller mechanics, against longarms recoil minus six modifier, I don't either matters.

So for a single shot survival rifle, you can probably upgrade to intermediate, for one dice more damage. minimal ammunition cost increase, and no perceptible increase in recoil.


Emperor Mongoose
Single shot receivers have a seventy five percent discount.

Thumb trigger should, in theory, make that cheaper.

Options would be muzzle loaders, bolt action and break open; muzzle loaders complicate misfires, so not viable.

Caseless round cost three times more; cost increase for the receiver unknown; seems overly expensive except for niche uses.

Fifty metres seems optimal in Traveller, so preferred range should be two hundred metres.


Emperor Mongoose
Single shot intermediate rifle

Longarm, one hundred starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes [original capacity thirty]

Reduced capacity intermediate rifle

Longarm, three hundred starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes minus twenty five percent, capacity fifteen

Longarm, two hundred five starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes minus forty five percent, capacity three


Emperor Mongoose
Longarm, two hundred starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes minus fifty percent, no ammunition capacity, one round in the chamber.


Emperor Mongoose
Longarm, one hundred eighty starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes minus fifty five percent, capacity three, fixed magazine

Longarm, one hundred sixty starbux receiver, two and a half kilogrammes minus sixty percent, no ammunition capacity, fixed magazine, one round in the chamber.