SoC - What's Up?



hi @all,

i have emailed mr. sprange several times to join the SoC program, but until thus far, i haven't recived any mail.

do i have do scan in the page ?? (what was the page number) snipped and sent it as attachement or what went wrong. perhaps mongoose-mailserver does not accept aol-adresses?


Please only email him once. You do not need to send him an attachment. There is no response email. You just have to have faith that they got it. You will probably get stuff soon. Give them time to process your email. If you send more than one, it will probably take them longer.
and just fyi: I didn't receive a personalized "welcome e-mail" when I joined. They just added me to the list and I was on the next scheduled email they sent out. Took a few days.

I am by no means complaining... just informing. :)
Do SoC members have access to some kind of an archive of the freebies? I mean - if I join SoC now, will I recieve the adventure?
Hi guys,

Just a few notes here,

First off, make sure you get my email address right ( If that is not right, I'll never get your message :)

Second, make sure _your_ email address is right - we have a few bouncers and we have no way of chasing them up. . .
So if you sent out email 3 weeks ago and haven't received anything is that a good indication to sent again?