So Mr Sturrock...



So Mr Sturrok...

I know you did Slaine (which was great!)

and Conan (which is even better!!)

Can you (or any other knowledgeable folks...) say what else you've had a hand in?

Praise where praise is due, this man is very good indeed!

In terms of games, I also co-wrote Skull & Bones (for Green Ronin), and wrote Armageddon 2089 (for Mongoose).

I've done a few other Mongoose books, including a big chunk of the Slaine line, plus Quintessential Ranger, Slayer's Guide to Giants, and Blood Magic.

Right now I'm writing several different projects, including a licensed game using the d20 Modern rules set, though I can't give any details as there have been no official announcements as to the design teams for any of said projects.
Answered by the man himself!!!
At 3.30 in the morning (!!!)
I feel honoured.
Thanks for the information
Any chance of hearing what's next on your horizon?
Looking back I see you've already knindly answered that...

toothill man said:
will you be involved with any of the other conan books from now on?

Well, I wrote Scrolls of Skelos, but other than that nothing has been arranged as yet -- I suppose it's possible though, and I certainly wouldn't be averse to doing more Conan work. I think a fair bit of the material I originally wrote for the main rulebook has been making its way into Signs & Portents articles, though, and another big chunk will probably end up in the Hyborian Gazetteer, if the King Conan stats are anything to go by.
Heck, at this point I'm just glad to see that someone who truly cared about the character and the setting was doing the work. If Mongoose doesn't have Mr. Sturrock and his compatriot doing the next few Conan books, then they're losing their minds.
Anonymous said:
Any chance of hearing what's next on your horizon?

Well, the first project just got an announcement on ENworld:

Bit of work for Guardians of Order converting Uresia, their excellent fantasy-anime setting, to d20. I have some more projects lined up for them too, but the licensed d20 game I mentioned is for a different publisher -- been working on the character classes chapter of that today, and they're looking sweet.