So how would you handle this as an adventure?


So how would you treat this?

I know this is more Star Wars, but I can't help wondering how that movie and especially this episode could be worked into a Traveller game?

I really need to pick up a copy of the Robots supplement, but using Traveller as the system what would you suggest?

So for example... the nefarious Naval Council who seized control of the former Solomani Empire now dwindled to the Spinward Marches barely remaining in control of half of the Marches with the seemingly barbaric Sword Worlders, the bioengineered blue skinned Aryans, the religious fanatics of the Theocracy and those few independent systems trying desperately to survive in this uncertain times.

An uncommon alliance with members of the various factions as an important leader of the former Senate has been seized and held captive bound for a well hidden Imperial Prison the only hope is a group of mercenaries, thieves, political idealists, family and friends dare to rescue the captive and escape from the Empire's clutches!

A survivor of the attack (PC#1?) manages to reach help but has to rely on outside aid for the funds and planning to even try this escapade (Smuggler PC#2, Contact, Ship's Mechanic PC#3 and a couple of hired mercenaries (#5 & 6?) even before finding a way to steal and use an Imperial Shuttle to get aboard and remain undetected long enough to locate and extract the captive with maybe a couple of new characters if their characters are killed once they get back down to the planet or evade pursuit to reach an arranged meeting...

What do you think?


The Traveller rules may be flexible enough to allow playing a wide variety of settings and adventures but personally I think without GM fudging all over the place they are too deadly for duplicating a cinematic, Hollywood, grand adventure and house ruling or a system with plot points or whatnot is better suited.

I find that Traveller GM often needs to consider multiple paths to an end goal in an adventure so that if, nay, when in a key moment there is a failure due to dice rolls one can try an alternative.

So yes, go save the captive. But now it's up to the players/characters to decide how, possibly have setbacks, and hopefully find a path to success. Odds are it won't be quite like the prewritten story the GM first had in mind unless they do a bit of railroading such as having the old, highly skilled psionic drift in and out of scenes to guide and assist as needed.


Emperor Mongoose
The first ever Traveller Adventure The Kinunir contains a scenario where the players are asked by a noblewoman to rescue her Senator father from an Imperial prison ship. He has been locked up by the subsector government (surely duke Norris wouldn't do stuff like this - must be a mistake ;)) for political dissent.
A lot of the early rumours and patron adventures had PCs doing stuff for the anti-Imperial fraction called the Ine Givar.

So yes, nor only is your set up doable it has precedent :)

The PC group is key, there can be friction but they have to pull together. The bad guys have to be bad - you can introduce 'grey' motivation for the baddies later if at all.


Cosmic Mongoose
Wait for the Naval Council to build a trillion ton starship with a helluva spinal mount then send that one fighter in to lucky shot (and psionics) a nuclear tipped torpedo down the overlooked heat sink shaft to the immense fusion power plant thus bankrupting the Council.

Piss them off!


I threw in a variant of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda by explaining exactly how and why the Naval Council and the Marches are the way it is!

Was trying to set up Beltstrike after the introductory adventure that would set up where they start from with the possibility of running Prison Planet as a rescue mission.

Wishful thinking on my part I'm afraid but I can still work on the idea in the meantime!

Got as far as revealing a Planetoid Monitor set within an ice world hiding the fact it was being terraformed, hidden beneath the ice with a spaceship graveyard for the PCs to explore which they did well at least I got to run that!