slaine weapon of choice?

toothill man

was wondering what other groups favoured as weapons is it the bellow spears :twisted: a normal spear or a noble sword.Asking because my group has changed from stone battle axes and massive swords too more real celtic waepons like smaller swords and spears was wondering what other groups were doing?
was wondering if your warriors are using shields and cloaks,going butt naked or wearing armour in my game only the most noble wear anything above medium armour unless they dig it up somewere :) or nick it :shock: how are you guys using armour is it only for the noble or is everyone in heavy armour?

course theres nothing sillier than a player trying to explain just how a dwarf is carrying around a gae bolga
just dont be in front of the dwarf when he stops suddenly :twisted: not if you still whant too father children anyway :lol: