slaine comic book question?

toothill man

hope someone can help just got myself the time killer slaine collection and it is good can anyone tell me if others of the black and white strips are due too be released as classics? and if their are collections of earlier stuff(already have slaine the king)
at moment have time killer,deamonslayer,the king and the horned god series so am hoping there is alot more out there collected as that is far better that having too buy single progs :?
Yeah I hear ya. But it seems now progs are being compiled into full volumes as of late anyways so....only time can tell. Other idea is to Email 2000 AD and make a ponder or request of their current position on this.
The 2000AD Online database includes details of all the Slaine stories, including where they've been reprinted.

Unfortunately, the majority of them have only appeared in the original progs, in the Best of 2000AD reprint magazine (which is often even harder to find than the original progs!) and in the American Eagle Comics reprints (half the size and with often very poor colourized pictures - although they often had very good new covers).
the old link on old back progs was great but looking for progs1000+ can anyone tell me of any good comic shops near swindon or site that offer the type of progs I am after :shock: thanks in advance :D