slaine-celtic warrior campain

chapter 7
part two-the goddesses temple

The headmen and his warriors (including the party)take 2 days to get to the site by stealth.Hiding at night from ever bigger groups of the wild men armed too the teeth all carrying torches.

The group find themselves looking down on a hollow filled with well over 12,000 wildmen drunk on mead and dancing/chanting around huge bonfires.The caves that surround the hollow are lit up with torches the booming coming from deep from the complex stopping even speach.Any attempt at stealth will work against the mob as they are completly out of their tree.The honor guard is another question as they do not drink or dance but live only too kill to protect there new goddess.

Hand signals will be used as no speach is possible in the hollow or complex but that works both ways with guards unable too summon help.There are 15 honor guards lvl5 tribal warriors in three independant groups one guarding the entrance another always with their goddess ,the third guard the drummers.Armed with small wicker sheilds and wearing fine furs they are armed with stone axes and stone tipped spears.The main guardian of the goddess is a shaman(lvl 8 male witch)whos totem is the rat in a rat skin cloak and fur garments he wears a huge gold torc with rat images engraved on it.The goddess is a 16yr old girl who due too various pacts made by the shaman who is her father was born with blue skin and four arms(the sign of a anicent hillman tribe)carried by the father is a document promising militaryaid from the drunes too there new allys.The mortal goddess is not armed her screams and crys hidden by the drums.she is wearing a massive gold torc of anicent make with a anicent crown with a blood red ruby the greatest treasure of the hilltribes.both father and goddess will fight too the death also so will the honor guard.

The druids want her head and nothing else so after the killing the group under cover of the drums move as quickly as possible.They have about 2 hours head start in the dark before the drums stop and the corpses are found it is not the whole horde but there are 50 wildmen on there trail for vengance.instead of leading them too the settlement the group will play cat and mouse with the group till they or them are dead.

the druids will be over the moon showering praise and glory on the settlement and the warriors.The horde will break up never too be formed again but the hill tribes will never forgive or forget.and sometimes in the dark of winter the ghost of drums will be heard.
Aftermath of the false goddess was a great turning point for the settlement they had status in the bigger tribe.The money was used too build a bigger feast hall,a bigger herd of cattle and a huge iron cooking pot too make life alot better(became popular with the mothers not just the children at that point). Every warrior who took part got a new bit of kit as a thank you from the tribe so now armed with good quality iron weapons.The new hall had a huge warm communal area and a separate area for the headman who uses it as his quarters and inner council room of which the group become more and more involved.The old round hall was halved half becoming a smokehouse the other provision store.The group with the other heros go and live in the new hall with a locked chest for belongings each(a great honor).Building the hall takes even with outside help a year of work but with a awesome feast at the end everyone is very proud of the settlement,its headman and warriors
Chapter 8-
the lupine host

runners from other tribes bring a urgent messege about a Unusally large group of wolves heading straight for the settlement.All the animals and humans are herded into the saftey of the settlement as the pack is heard coming closer as dusk comes and a rolling mist gives the pack cover.

When at the settlement the wolves eyes glow in the dark ever roaming there are 39 wolves in this hunting pack but instaed of being afraid of the torch ringed settlement they seem too be drawn and not want too leave which is very non-wolf like behavour.the wolves keep on attacking till completly distroyed again not normal behavour.The wolves leap at the wooden wall trying to gain entrance too the settlement with any counterattack letting wolves into the compound were they will attack both humans and animals till slain.

The largest wolf has a large mark over its eye in the very rough shape of a hummingbird but impossible too tell if a brand,scar or birthmark.(stats for wolves can be found in the main core book)The income from the furs is used too repair any damage and too bring in leather and wool too produce clothes and boots for the tribe.
Chapter 9-
Spear of the goose tribe

Local mock combat games it is the first time the settlement has been deamed important enough to be invited too play due too its new found importance.The prize for the winner is holding the spear of the goose tribe for 4 years till they are the hosts of the next games when the spear will be moved on.

the spear is anicent limewashed ash carved with scenes of warriors hunting geese with a anicent copper barbed head it is not a magical weapon but a symbol of value adding a +2 too all talks in its presence if other side is a local tribe or clan.

The games are played on foot with wooden weapons and spears with clothball ends this is a contest not a war.No known warped warriors are allowed too play due too the danger they are too the others.The 6 teams start at equal distance around a old hillfort with the old winners defending the hill fort.The first of the attacking teams too capture the war standard in the hillfort is the winner.The whole games are watched by the headmen of the settlements as well as druids who provide healing if needed as well as confirming who has won and that no team has cheated.Teams found cheating are sent home in discrace their settlement barred from ever taking part again.Apart from above there is no set way too win some years it is the team who hangs back other years the teams who combine too take the fort settle it among themselves once the fort is taken.

There is a huge feast afterwards were everyone not in the spital hut gets rip roaring drunk togeather.Promises are made in the presence of druids by the headmen too meet at the victors settlement in 4 years time also the headmen take bloodoaths to defend each other in case of outside attack that in itself is worth the settlement joining what is known as the league of the goose.If the party go into details about why they have been invited it is because last games one of the league was caught using sorcery too try and win so was thrown out .The settlement is known by the symbol the headman who calls himself lord takes that of the hummingbird.
chapter 10
Boar hunting in westfold forest

From taking part in the goose games the headman and his close guard (which should include the party) are invited too a boar hunt in westfold forest using chariots.

It sounds like fun but others have differant ideas of fun and as soon as the group enter the pine forest they will be ambushed by a large group of 12 tribal warriors who others from the hosts will reconise as from the hummingbird settlement.

The leader of the ambush has a scroll with directions too the groups home settlement.There host loans them enough chariots too get home quick with drivers as he goes too raise the others of the league as a attack on one is a attack on all and this can only mean intertribal warfare.With home as the first target.

(The group of 12 should have enough levels too be a tough challenge for the group with the warriors using the gloom of the forest and there dark camoflage too full effect)
Very cool so far. How long was this campaign? I seem to remember it being 20 parts? I think that is what you had said anywho, great work here and I really want to run my first group through these I think they make for a great jump off point.

However were all of your players from the same tribe or did you allow different tribe members? How did you work it out if they were mixed?
the group was tribal warriors of the same age from the settlement so having a built in reason too care about its fate.And yes there are twenty parts too the series so have some more typing too do :shock: IF you wanted too mix the group that is no problem due too fostering and hostage taking allowing any mix you would like 8) it was common in celtic lands too have more care for your foster tribe than tribe of birth :)
Yeah this is true,I was going to keep them apart of the same tribe maybe one sour apple of the bunch since there is always a player who HAS to be different so if that is the case they are going to have to come up with a pretty good explanation as to why.

Can't wait to see the other bits of your work. Really love what you have written thus far. :D
chapter 11-
The hummingbird lord

They come home too see the pale smoke,with the doors breached and the new hall a smokey ruin.There are a few defenders corpses but no women,children or attackers bodies are too be found,

The battle standard has been soaked in blood with if won the goose spear broken in half and soaked in blood.A lone tribal warrior is found only part alive and he lives only long enough to tell his sorry story.They opened the gates in a thick mist thinking it was the party returning only to find it was a large warrior leading a group of warriors from another tribe who overcame the guards enslaved the rest of the people with the warrior proclaiming the headmans only daughter will be his bride willing or not.

In a very dark mood they use the chariots too follow the raiding party following the well marked tracks into a prepared ambush of 20 warriors just as tough as the ones in the last chapter.The ambush finished, in the far distance is the sight of the last of the group taking cover in the large hill fort.The seige of the humming bird lord is about too begin.
chapter 12-
The humming birds lair

If they come near the hill fort all they get is taunts and slingstones with the rest of the league coming that evening with a hasty meeting of the headmen with two choices a seige the least liked option.Having been a guest many times the other headsmen say there is another option but only for a small group whos task is too open the gates for the host outside as most guards will be protecting the walls it is there favourite option.

The players are lowered over a cliff too a large sewage pipe some distance from the hill fort removing the rusty bars they follow the map given too the tribal latrine next too the gate they kill the 5 guards including the one with his pants down :wink: and open the door letting in the rest of the host who are blacked out for night fighting the fires in the distance just decoys.

Please remember the group will be covered from head too toe in you know what and will draw comments from both sides as well as the flies :wink:.with complete silence the hill fort is taken over the guards slain and the women are released apart from the headsman daughter who was taken too the main hall.The women are worried for the children who are no were too be found but before that mystery is solved there is a humming bird too kill.

The women are taken back too the hall were building is already starting under heavy guard but with league time it will tke no time at all.The grim headsman with the players burst into the hall to the sight of the headsman daughter chained naked too the throne at the end of a long table.There are 45 warriors in the hall and if the group is too weak add other headsmen till a equal fight.The partys job is too shield there headman till he can get too the humming bird lord.The duel is a epic one that ends up with them both dead.

The headsman daughter is proclaimed headman of her settlement by the lords of the league and when robed she proclaims that the hummingbird tribe is no more there children and women sold into slavery.there land sowed with salt and there fort looted then raised too the ground the tribes never too mention there enemy again.A questioned warrior reveals that his lord had a mistress who was a drune witch who whanted the crown taken from the false goddess too be proclaimed leader of the wild men and so have a third column too attack the goddess tribes.The treasury is full and now owned by the new headswomen who gives out gifts too her friends and allys.

But her first order is for the group too bathe and rearm taking a tracker to go and rescue the children before they are lost.Given fastest chariots and blessed by the headsmen they ride into the night leaving the ruined fortress freshly ablaze
Chapter 13-
rescue from the wickerman terror

The wild race for the children shows a second trail well hidden with smaller feet heading towards drune lands,At a high place the tracker finds a crude drawing of a raven in a day old camp showing aleast Alune who they rescued from the well is alive.

As the first group are on foot and the chasers are on chariots getting closer and closer they seem to be almost on top of them when they are ambused by goblins in enough numbers too be a threat near a anicent henge with a bad reputation.

A scene of horror greets them at the henge with the children and animals stuffed into a large wickerman with the witch who the charrioteers will identify as the humming birds mistress ready too light the fire underneath.The chariots block her way and with much screaming the battle against the witch begins iF the group are being wiped out then let her cast a murder of crows on the protected warrior and watch her being pecked too death.

The footprints of the other guards lead too a stone in the henge then end apart from the awaiting witch,The children are safe and bundled into the chariots with there worship of the group reaching new heights including Alune who always knew her heroes would come,As well as the animals there is a dwarf the children love and so will be adopted by the tribe as a advisor too the new headswomen called cramps this wily abusive dwarf will be a good foil too the group having too much influence over the new headswomen.

Their are many tearful reunions with a feast awaiting them with there belongings returned plus gold torcs and goblets with new chests in the new bigger feast hall which with league help is finished before autumn so end the saga of the hummingbird lord.
chapter 14-
gift from the goddess

While on patrol the group comes along a strange sight a dead sabretooth tiger surrounded by hundreds of dead crows and ravens who died too defend something of some importance,Just off the track and found by following the trail of feathers is a massive communial crows nest in the fork of a anicent moss covered oak tree.

Inside is a massive egg(more emu sized)which the party will feel a need too keep warm and tend taking the egg back too camp were the whole tribe help apart from cramps who suggests scrambled egg :) .The egg hatches too show a huge crow(the size of a raven) who is already adult and will only bond with the party and Alune but like a parrot this intelligent bird can mimic all it hears and has a talent in hounding cramps from the very start.but he will fly with the group becoming there mascot and a part of the team so the group become known as the young raven lords or the new ravens.Use stats in the rule book for raven(page 153)
chapter 15-
the making of a witch

Alune is starting too be a problem for the whole tribe as she is starting too be able too do some minor magicks like make a rivals hair fall out and one of the older boys who is a bully grow a pigs tail but with the curses coming thick and fast the headswomen decides too send her away too learn magick from a witch.The only people who will come back at least looking human from such a mission will be the party and best of all her only love.

So the group set out and arrive in time too see a old women being attacked by wolves anyone who just rides on finds no witch at home the party with honor who go too the old womens aid will find the wolves will act like puppys at their mistresses feet and she is the witch they are looking for being very happy too take the child on as a worshipper of morrigan she feels the power she has but has a task for her patrons too do first.

The witches home in a small wood is under threat from a barrow in the middle of the wood guarded by a ghoul(page 164 main book)awoken by a band of young hot heads who died at its hand and now themselves are ghouls.The party must distroy there bodies first in combat then with fire(will give them lit torches if asked for) then open up the barrow removing the treasure there.
so the band of 4 ghouls one with max stats somehow know they are coming and are awaiting in a mist filled glade for the group who they will greet as equals before starting combat.And when distroyed they will be seen too salute there foe one last time.

Once won the group can topple the stone door and with that act hear a moan as there spirits escape leaving some grave goods now theres the mist also vanishes and birds can be heard again.Anicent masterpiece helmets with nasal and cheak guards(think sutton hoo helmet)with engraved hosts of crows and ravens they allow the wearer too speak and understand crow,raven and other carrion birds but treated as a equal given no mastery over them power works while worn only.There are also anicent covered sheilds that show a black raven on a red background each shield is a masterpiece piece.everything else is rusted or gone.

They now are truly the ravens reborn and yes if they ask the witch the ghoul was the last of the old heroes awaiting the new too come.they are reminded that they now belong too the war goddess as well as there settlement and too answer any boons asked of them.Alune give them a all a hug and a slight kiss till she gets too her man whos kiss and hug is of a differant kind and is seen waving .the little girl will be next seen years later as a very powerful witch.The frightened raven haired girl down the well long gone.
chapter 16-
the return of iron jaw

The headsman shamed in chapter 3 has turned bandit and taking a group of horsemen are waylaying strangers heading towards the settlement were his foes live ie the group.

He comes too the settlement and challenges the group to combat to say no is too cheapen their honor and make there settlement a laughing stock so really have no choice but too go against calvary every foot soldiers nightmare.

They are given a day too give their answer and combat happens outside the main gates a noon the group against twice as many horsemen it will be a epic will the whole settlement cheering on their boys.Will find a ally in cramps who suggests various unpleasant ways too remove the horses from the scene from pepper too throwing wasp nests etc.remember in a death match victory is the only thing that matters how is unimportant.

Irons jaws skull will make a fine trophy head or drinking goblet while cramps shows off his skill in cooking horse flesh(he is very good)he also gets on the right side of the group at least till he trys too strangle the raven again.
Chapter 17-

It is a crisp cold winter day with deep fresh snow with the wound from the last chapter have all healed.When there is a cry of alarm in the settlement one of the smallest babies is coming out with a strong fever with small bunches of three close spots in a cluster all over it is winterfever that has been known too leave whole settlements distroyed long before spring comes.

As the settlement is now infectous the settlement refuses any runners from the league so the fever will not spread.Cramps is terrified of his own shadow as winterfever is deadly to dwarves as well.One of the older women remembers the headwomens long dead mother talking of a local cure too winterfever.Her belongings have been hidden away buried for safe keeping till the time another witch settles here.Her book tells of a small white flower also called winterfever that cures the ailment found round a group of nearby stones in the winter.

So armed and wearing the warmest furs the settlement has and on borrowed snowshoes they head towards the site were they are attaked by enough winter wolves too be a challenge.

Winter wolf pelts are prized and so will skin them and get the plants ready for the settlement.The last of the party are surcoming to the fever as they get to the settlement were it takes the rest of winter for the settlement too recover and send out the all clear.

The group gain another extra point of enech with the whole settlement very proud of their new war band including the headswomen.Only cramps is putting a sour face on it and claiming "all these whelps have had too do was pick some flowers and pick up a fur coat on the way too be loved big deal"
Chapter 18
return of the wildmen

It is a moon lit summer night when a sound from the past is heard across the land.The boom of the wildmens drums is heard again with the horde summoned one last time this time for vengance against the slayers of their goddess and their home.

The attacks come first in small groups of approx 12 then in larger groups till their will be over 800+ wildmen baying for blood outside.From the first drums to the horde coming have a month too prepare with the help of cramps evil mind the horde is in for a very nasty surprise.Under cover of darkness the women and children have been moved too saftey in other camps of the league with the headwomen gone too rally the league.Smuggled in is 150 extra tribal warriors from the league under command of the group with vast amounts of slingstones,spears etc for the defenders who are told too allow a full muster need too hold out for 4 days

The time table for the siege is as follows but is very dependant on the nasty surprise cramps and the group come up with

Day one-
The horde is hours away all scouts enter the settlement all traps are set and all walls are kept damp with well water as well as water nearby too put out any fires.The horde circle the settlement and the old shaman in charge proclaims them walking deadmen.Then cramps stands up and declares the shaman too be half goat on his mothers side which cheers up the defenders.There is one small attack in the afternoon but after 20 dead will withdraw too just out of slingshot.The horde will scream and shout too sap the will of the defenders with cramps hurling abuse and taunts too keep their spirts up

Day two-
Two daylight attacks with again a loss of twenty men each time will make them withdraw.The afternoon attack is the most serous of the day with a attack of torches on the gate with fires need putting out needing 30 dead too withdraw.Again try too keep the defenders awake during the night so cramp repays the complement by singing rude songs very off key all night too his audience(feel sorry for the wild men :twisted: )

Day three-
change of tactics with a group of 30 wild men defending a group of 10 using a battering ram as long as 10 in total remain of the group the ram is active.That evening is there first night attack with torches needing 25 dead too withdraw but no partying today the wild men are silent and grim knowing time is running out for them

Day four-
AT dawn the shaman salutes the defenders then their is just wave after wave till they or the defenders are dead.They have till midday to wipe the settlement out when the horns of the league are heard and it becomes a rout.By staying alive the party have won but even if he had not even carried a weapon it will evermore be known as cramps defence.

the league will rebuild the settlement (again)giving the defenders warriors cremations stripping the wildmen dead then removing the corpses elsewere to rot.The druids and tribal elders send blessings and shower gifts on both the party and cramps who is now a real part of the group,
chapter 19-
the heroes games

The whole of the league have a holiday to celebrate the final defeat of the wildmen with the party including cramps as guests of honor.There are many contests too judge and cramps makes a mint selling his vote on the best sow etc once a dwarf always a dwarf :roll:

The host is asked if they deed the group are heroes and with one voice declare yes so all are dressed in new outfits of the tribes tartan(not the settlement) witch is a great honor and summonded to see the tribal elders in the capital city for a audience.

Bards sing of the groups adventures and they dance and wine the evening away which seems to never end,The party are given torcs of gold with a goose motif the leagues highest honor and given a guard of honor to the capital.
chapter 20

this the end of the campain with the bards telling there story too the elders who proclaim them heros the new ravens and given a choice of boon which the whole group must agree on.Cramp is made a lifelong member of the tribe the first dwarf ever too gain that honor.

their choices are-
- too join a party lead by a priestess of morrigan out too the sea on a epic quest for the goddess(my groups choice).
-A commission to be their men at the fairie queens court looking after ther tribes intreasts with the fairy folk(high magic campain)
-a comission to lead a small fort defending against the formorrians(war campain)

any of these choices brings honor too both the group as well as the settlement and which ever choice your group takes may they have as much fun as we have had :D
Great campaign and must have been fun to put your fellow gaming cohorts through. What tribe did they pick and do you have stats on Cramp or is he just your standard Dwarf?