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this is a mini campain based around celtic/slaine lore for a group of max 3-4 tribal warriors.Designed to make them from babes in arms too noted warriors and kings men.Any tribe can be used but the fir domain was used in mine the sites are now unspecific enough too place were you wish.Via clan warfare and games,anicent evils and the blessing of the gods they will become heroes too there whole tribe becoming legends greater in every telling
Chapter one-
The Beast of Blacksheild Moor

One of the sheep has been found with its throat torn by a big animal with a huge storm coming another is lost and everyone who is able is sent too find this sheep.The warriors are sent to find the sheep and if possible drive the beast from these lands.

The wind starts to howl and the storm throwing lighting the group find the sheep at the same time the wounded sabretooth tiger does.the young warriors gain the nick name beast-slayers with all who took part gaining a small sabre tooth tiger tooth on a leather thong(3 sets value).the meat and skin belong to the tribe who feast well that night in honor of the group.with the skin and bones sold to gain provisions for the tribe
(all members of the party gain 1 point of enach each)

Sabretooth Tiger stats-(wounded)page 154 main core book)
Hp29 with two broken teeth (damage is2d4+7)both teeth are broken with wounds.the older members of the tribe are confused by the fact the cat attacked instead of fleeing but a flint arrow head is found in a festering wound with the sign of the snake engraved on it(worth 1 set as a peice of art.)and a clue too a threat for the future)
Wow! I think I will toss this at my players as a jump of point since I have some newbies and this is a great campaign idea!! Some great stuff here!! So when are ya posting more? :wink:
chapter two-the well at luna

The children were helping the females of the settlement gather hedge fruit when one of the smaller female children goes missing.The whole tribe are searching for Alunia a 8 year old raven haired girl full of daydreams and freckles who everyone loves,The crys of Alunia are heard from a anicent well close too the settlement with the group lowered down too rescue her.

The base of the well is dry but leads too a group of very unstable crumbling caves.The rains start too come down hard and the rest of the tribe wait for the group at the settlement.The water rises fast in the well and the entrance is blocked with falling rock .Just into the caves is a very frightened Alunia who has broken her leg and is very scared.The cave has moss which glows showing pictures of battle with the demons being defeated by a horde of ravens head by a raven king vassel to his leige morrigan.Alunia has pockected the crude raven figure which was here.

but water is then heard rushing towards them as the cave system starts too fill up in water.the water rushes out depositing the group in a nearby pond.the cave is now at the moment unreachable.the group return Alunia too her mother and grandfather who are overjoyed as is the tribe.The children all adopt the group as there heroes and think they will always help them.Alunia will have a crush on the warrior with the highest cha boldly telling everyone that someday when she is old enough she will be his bride and woe betide any female who trys too move in on her claim.As one day Alunia will be one of the most powerful witches in the land she maens what she says.
chapter three-

the white calf

The cattle of the settlement have had many calves this spring including a sacred white calf which is considered a great good omen with a feast due with a druid coming too do the sacrifice a great honor for such a small settlement.
Late at night there is a urgent call from the cattle pens someone has got into the cattle pen and stolen all there cattle including the white calf.the group capture one of the cattle rustlers who turns out to be a well known tribal member from the next settlement.
The druid comes in too pass judgement on the person who is shamed in public and his settlement fined.The druid demands the return of the cattle and all are returned apart from the white calf which their headsman denies all knowlege of in fact claiming they made it up so there settlement would seem more important than it is.
The warrior group are sent under cover of darkness completly blacked with silenced weapons too get the calf back but it is stressed that killing is forbidden.The white calf can be found hidden in the headsman hut and once given too the druid for sacrifice will double the fine and publically shame there cheif as a cheat and liar.
The headsman Alar iron-jaw will not ever forget his shame blaming the party for finding the calf so in secreat will plot there deaths and his vengence on the settlement.
As a reward for their service they are allowed too sit with the headsman and druid at the high table at the feast after the sacrifice a great honor for warriors so young.
slaine is a slow boiler but is a brilliant system with real flavour 8) and like the campain for a monkey RPG it is only a dead idea or system when no one even if it is only us two and hash on the boards thats three :D and we are not alone :wink:
we also thinking about it have more postings than armegedden and are coming up to the whole of the OGL so keep the posts coming for both slaine and dredd you know you care :wink:
So is there more to this mini campaign? Or is it only a three-parter? Like I said before great work on here and I will definatley toss this into my new game with some new players to Slaine and let you know the results. I've been busy with some stuff as well and hopefully get a chance to post some material up here as well. :mrgreen:
there is something like twenty parts too the campain it is finding time too put them out :shock: look forward too seeing your ideas on the board :)
Have to think of what I could post since the books cover quite a bit maybe create some beasties or some some other nasties to add to the critter fest. That might even be a thread to start is Slaine home-brew Critters? :D
Daithi O'an tSionnaigh said:
Have to think of what I could post since the books cover quite a bit maybe create some beasties or some some other nasties to add to the critter fest. That might even be a thread to start is Slaine home-brew Critters? :D

think at the moment send all homebrew critters to matt at mongoose to put in the PDF but anything else is about stats for various NPCs? or situations you have played and found fun 8) anything is most welcome
chapter four
sword fit for a champion

The old grandfather of the child rescued in the well adventure is dead from a heart attack.Unknown too the group in his day he was a great warrior,from that time he still had his sword ravensfeast a anicent blade with a raven carved disc pommel.

The old mans wish was that it be given too one of his granddaughters rescuers so with the headmans blessing the sword will be the prize in a championship open only too the group who saved the girl(ie the players)
the person who wins the most points wins the sword

Every task is watched by the whole village with the headmans desicion final.the tasks are all non lethal and the whole settlement is looking forward too the games.the tests will be of strength,endurance and wisdom.In case of a draw the victor will be picked by lots.On a warm sunny day the games begin with everyone out too support the lads and watch the show

Strength task-there are three barrels per member and they must pick up there barrels at one end of the hall and place them on a raised of the barrels contains wool,another wine, another stone chippings the tatics used are up to each player

Endurance task-a track is marked around the village with various dangers included too make it more fun.the race stars and ends outside the feasthall with highpoints including a greased pole over the latrines while the children throw rubbish at you(the kids have a great time)vines across the track the old men tighten when the group come near,and the main bridge has been adapted too on greased tilting plank with the maidens and widows throwing eggs at them the whole village is having great fun

Wisdom task-the final one is in the headsmans feast hall at night after they are cleaned up with the whole settlement watching.the headman asks a riddle the first correct answer gets 2 points,a incorrect answer loses 2 points,having the wisdom to not answer when not knowing the answer gains one point,A feast is then give for the whole settlement were the sword is given too the victor presented by Alune(the rescued child)the games are remembered for years too come and bring a smile too the whole village.Any cheating will lose that person 3 points of enech and a public rebuke.taking part even if you lost but acted with honor gains a point of enech the victor gains 2 points and the sword.

a masterwork iron longsword of anicent age but in very good condition with a edge impossible too was forged for a champion of morrigan in ages past and when worn with honor it protects the wearer from the spell murder of crows(the spell rebounds on the caster)but there are a few taboos with the blade with the new owner told never too kill a raven with the blade or attack a witch who worships morrigan or the weapon will shatter.the weapon shows the warrior to be a friend of the witches and that will effect the reactions of various people.
chapter five-
the bloodmoney saga

A small group of Gaesatae(page 61 tir nan og) are honoured with a feast in the hall but it goes horribly wrong with the leader of the group killing one of the tribe in cold blood then refusing in front of all to pay the bloodmoney owed the tribe.

The band of 20 run away in the darkness overpowering the guard before a druid can be summoned to pass judgement.the druid arrives by chariot that night and using magic questions the corpse and it turns out that the man refused to allow his daughter to be "sport" for the it was pre meditated murder by there leader so the druid passes sentance which is death too them all.the headman releases his warriors too find and kill them or in his own words"we will bring back only there heads"

As the band are on foot heading for the bandit life in the hills so the guide with the group lead by the headsman has no problem tracking them.They
split into two groups one smaller one towards a abandoned stone farmhouse which the group head for too protect there rear.The bigger group could only be heading towards widows point and are left for later

As they turn the corner of the hill to the ruin they come to a shieldwall of 8 lvl3 tribal warriors as they are naked apart from there sheilds and there iron swords and will give no quarter.In a bundle in the farmstead are there clothes and cloaks of red/white tartan.Each warrior has a standard gold torc, a normal iron sword and a sheild painted red and white these belong to the slayer of each warrior.there heads will be given too the druids too prove the sentance has been carried out the rest of the corpse is left for the crows.

The group then head for the larger group who are waiting for them on top of the hillfort ruin in a classic battle line the 11 lvl3 tribal warriors are lead by there leader a lvl 5 tribal warrior/lvl 3 Gaesatae.The groups are roughly even in size with the settlements tally of 13 tribal warriors(including the group)lead by the headsman lvl6 tribal warrior.The battle is too the death with no give on either side.With the headman slaying the leader in one to one combat.There standard is burned and the money belt taken from the chief is awarded too the whole tribe(most goes too the widow of the man) who takes his sword and breaks it,melts his shield and burns there cloaks.There is a somber feast for the slain and the killed man is given a warriors funeral with his comrades so ends this sorry saga.
chapter 6
the false goddess(part one)

There always have been small bands of non-goddess worshipping hill tribe nearby called wild men. They have always in the past been a small problem a dieing relic of the past.

But they are now becoming orgainised the rumours are they have found there own goddess who will distroy all the new order.The druids have heard this and hit the roof and the arch-druids have sent a message too all the settlements to search and distroy this evil cult.It is belived that the main temple is somewere in this area.The druids have ordered the death of the new false goddess.Cultists have the image of there goddess tattoed on there body the image of a naked blue woman with sharpened teeth and 4 arms each holding a small stone club.

The trouble starts with 2 or 3 single attacks from deranged wild men warriors with filled teeth and tattoos of there goddess.wearing badley cured skins and armed with flint clubs.These fanatics are here only to kill the non-beliver,Looking at there provisions it confirms there nickname of flesh eaters with bits of there victims and flasks of mead laced with blood.

The small groups become bigger with groups of 6-12 wildmen setting up ambushes and then the drums start too boom out night and day gathering the hill men for a holy war.........(to be continued)
they have been and completed the whole series this was a favourite with shades of the film 13 warrior and the druids encouraging the violence