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Here is a sample of some magic items for Hyborian campaigns. Each of these items is unique and could easily have a whole campaign or quest run around them. Just some things I came up with and not "official" Conan material. Remember that Conan games are not meant to be heavy magic and any ONE of these items could be the characters reward after a long and bloody campaign.

Let me know what you think, good or bad.

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By Eric K. Rodriguez

Over the ages sorcerers, wizards and witches have created items of magic and power. Although some have been created for some benevolent purpose, most were created out of a need for power and dominance. The ancient Lemurians were known to have created magical items that aided their peoples in the most mundane of tasks and also items that could shake the very foundations of the earth. The Giant Kings of old were known to have magical powers of such magnitude that they could travel to other worlds and planes of reality; still keeping their sanity intact. Others believe that the Giant Kings were not of our world, hence their ability to do and see things that would drive normal men insane. The ancient Acheronians, although far removed from the Giant Kings and Lemurians, still possessed a great knowledge of things arcane. Their great cities and kingdoms once stretched across the known world and were largely held in check by their domination of others through their dark magic.

This age of man still possesses magic and those willing to use it. Items of magic are still created by those that have the power and knowledge to do so, however, those items of magic pale in comparison to the artefacts that were created by sorcerers of long ago. Still, most wizards will attempt the feat simply because of the prestige and power that even minor items of magic will afford them. Although magic items in the Hyborian world are rare, they do exist and knowledge of some of these items is well known among those that deal in forbidden and arcane lore. Games Masters will note that no statistics or costs are given for recreating these magic items. They are considered unique artefacts and no character should be able to reproduce them. However a skilled sorcerer might be able to make a similar item of lesser power.

The Clasp of Mantril

This unassuming cloak clasp has passed through several different owners over the last 300 years. Made of bronze, approximately three inches in diameter, the Clasp of Mantril has a green emerald-like stone in its centre, with ancient Lemurian text written around the circumference. Most who possess the arcane knowledge to read the inscribing say that the actual creator of the clasp is unknown, but the person it was made for was named Mantril, hence its name. The only information known on Mantril was that he was a prince of an ancient land who was disfigured in some way; whether by birth or accident. History texts point out that the prince went to see a priest of the god Yama, for reasons unknown. It is not known what transpired, but the prince returned to his kingdom, healed and whole of body. The prince did rule his kingdom for many years, but never sired any off-spring and eventually died a long, lingering death. His kingdom and lands passed into history. The current whereabouts of the clasp is unknown, but it is believed to reside in the treasury of King Ferdrugo de Ramiro of Zingara. Powers: The Clasp of Mantril gives a benefit of +2 to all Reflex, Fortitude and Will saves. The clasp also gives the wearer the ability to live an extended life, as per the spell ‘Eternal Youth’, however the clasp is cursed. A person must willingly agree to wear the clasp and must make a demonic pact with the demon god Yama. Any person that accepts this pact automatically receives one corruption point (no saving throw). Yama demands that the person who wears the clasp must sacrifice at least one of his offspring at least once a year. In return, Yama gives 10 years of life for the sacrificed individual. However, if the wearer of the clasp refuses to sacrifice anymore, or cannot give any more offspring, then Yama takes 1d6 points of permanent constitution a year until the wearer of the clasp dies a slow, horrible death.

The Blood Orb

This clear crystal orb is approximately eight inches in diameter and has three golden legs, welded in a tri-pod formation on the bottom. The legs resemble some sort of reptile or dragons legs and are made of gold. The Blood Orb is said to have been made in the ancient land of Khitai almost 1,000 years ago. History records that an ancient sorcerer named ‘Su Ming’ created the orb to combat the demons that had infested the lands of his people. Su Ming waged war against the hordes of demons and abominations that wandered his lands for almost 10 years before he was able to claim victory. With most of the demons banished, Su Ming left ancient Khitai to travel distant lands and spread his wisdom among others. For almost two years he travelled new and strange lands until he disappeared and was never heard from again. About 10 years ago, a wizard by the name of ‘Ulruth of Kusan’ used a magical orb to defeat the summoned demon of a rival sorcerer. The description of the orb he used matches that of The Blood Orb. However, not long after his battle, Ulruth was slain by poison, his apprentice the only suspect, and the orb disappeared once again. Powers: The Blood Orb gives the user a benefit of +3 to all Will saves. Any outsider or demon that attacks the wielder of the orb receives a -2 to all attacks, whether magical or physical. The orbs main function is to bind demons. The orb allows the user to use the spell bind demon twice per week (up to 14 Hit Dice). However there is a 10% chance that the demon bound is instead only banished per the spell banish outsider. For every demon that is ‘bound’ by the orb, the user gains five power points. Games Masters should consider the orb as a 16th level Scholar for spell purposes.

Gurluths Grimoire

Gurluth was an advisor to King Arkethemes of Shem almost 80 years ago. Gurluth was widely known as a womanizer and charlatan by many of his peers. Most learned sages of that time believed that the only reason that King Arkethemes kept Gurluth around was because of their shared love of women. The extent of Gurluths magic was the occasional puff of smoke or the sleight of hand tricks that common street entertainers use. However, in the year of the Cobra, the city-state of Anakia went to war with King Arkethemes and his people of Akkharia. King Arkethemes, desperate for help, turned to his spiritual advisor for magical aid. Gurluth, fearing that the king would find out how useless he truly was, stated to the king that he would perform an act of sorcery that would send his enemies running, never to return. Gurluth then disappeared into his tower and was not heard from for four day’s. On the fifth day, with the army of Anakia at the city walls, a large explosion rocked the city. Everyone within the city who was outside witnessed a pillar of black flame erupt from Gurluths tower and disgorge several winged abominations that flew about the city in slow moving circles. Eyewitnesses stated that the creatures were of the colour of the abyss and looked as bats, except that they had a large central eye and a huge fanged maw. Seeing these creatures emerge from Gurluths tower, the army of Anakia fled in haste, never to return. Almost instantly, the Abyssal creatures began to become ghostly in appearance and eventually fade to nothingness. As soon as the king’s guard built up enough courage to climb Gurluths tower, they found nothing by fire and destruction. After the fires had been put out, the only thing left was a blackened human husk and a large, black tome sitting upon a fire scorched pedestal. The tome is said to be covered in a black leather hide, of indeterminate origin. The tome is not locked and the paper seems to be made of a material more fabric than paper. There are 40 pages within the tome, each with indecipherable script of unknown origin. The current whereabouts of the tome are unknown. Powers: Gurluths Grimoire is actually an unholy grimoire of the demon god Yog. It is unknown when this tome was created or how; however it has appeared throughout the ages in the hands of evil men and cabals. The tome is known to give the owner the abilities ‘Adept’, ‘Bleed Dry’, ‘Craft New Life’ and ‘Ritual Sacrifice’, as per the feats. The tome also has the following spells written in it, agonising doom, bones of life, death touch, projection and summon elemental. However the tome is also cursed so that any who try to read the book and are not faithful followers of Yog, risk the chance of opening a temporary gateway (35%) to nightmarish hell where Yog reigns eternal. This gateway is not permanent and will only stay open for a maximum of one minute. However there is a 5% chance that an Abyssal Demon will come through and become corporeal, permanently residing in our reality.

Moon Reiver

One of the few items of power said to have been crafted by Mitra, Moon Reiver is a two-handed battle-axe of tremendous power. Crafted to fight the dark servants of Set, Moon Reiver is made of the purest silver and chased with runes and symbols of power. It’s two; crescent shaped blades are in the shape of half-moons covered with holy symbols of Mitra. The axe has had many owners of the centuries, most of them crusaders of Mitra. Just recently Argus Dantralus, a warrior of the Holy order of the Sun, based in the city of Belverus, journeyed south to Ophir to investigate rumours of a cult of Set. He has not been heard from in three weeks. Powers: The Moon Reiver should be considered a +4 weapon/artefact that is of Akbitanan quality and silvered. It also does 2d8+4 damage, x3 critical, AP-6, Hardness-9, Hit Points-50, Weight 2 lbs., Type-Slashing. All followers of evil that attack the wielder face a -1 penalty to all their attacks. Followers of Set are at -2 to all their attacks; magical or physical. Once per month, the wielder of Moon Reiver can call upon the axe to protect him with a greater warding as per the spell (as per a 17th level Scholar).

Havaraths Deceit

Havarath was a simple farmer from the southern lands of Aquilonia. Havarath died almost 20 years ago, but his story has become the stuff of fireside tales and ale house story’s. Havarath hated his life and wished to be something else. He would dream of being a lord or knight, who ruled large swaths of land and commanded conquering armies. On one of those rare occasions that he was able to slip away from his menial chores, Havarath would rummage through the ruins of an ancient castle that was abandoned long ago. On one faithful day, Havarath uncovered a debris covered cellar door and climbed down inside. Deep under the ground he found the remains of what once was a weapons armoury. Although most of the armour and weapons were rotted or of no use, Havarath did find a Great Helm that looked in pristine condition and had the make of a kings helm. Havarath put together mixed pieces of armour and donned a rusty war sword and headed back home. Seeking to surprise his family, Havarath walked into his home wearing his new found armour. To his shock, his father and mother immediately fell to their knees in supplication and addressed Havarath as their lord and liege. Havarath, shocked by their attitudes and demeanour, left the farm and travelled to other, outlying homesteads. To his dismay, Havarath found that his parents were not playing a joke on him and in fact all the people that he met treated him as if he was royalty; even as a king. After several days of travelling, Havarath began to attract men-at-arms and soldiers willing to follow him into battle. Hearing of a war brewing on the Zingaran border, ‘Lord’ Havarath and his soldiers travelled south to seek their fortune. Havarath was never heard from again. Many stories tell of Havarath and his men becoming lost and ending up in the Forest of Ghouls, where he and his men met a grisly end. Powers: Havaraths Deceit is a Great Helm of Akbitanan quality. It gives a +4 bonus to Damage Reduction, +3 bonus to all Leadership Rolls, Armour Check Penalty -1, and Sorcery Failure 5%, Weight 2 lbs. The helm also gives the wearer the following abilities, Do You Know Who I Am?, Leadership, Noble Blood and Rally as per the feats and unique Noble abilities.

Blade of Nergal

In the eon’s of past, gods and demons walked the earth and man was but dream. Not unlike present time, gods and demons waged war against each other and were banished or destroyed in the process. One such demon lord, Nergal, fought a long, terrible battle and was defeated. It is unknown and unrecorded who or what defeated Nergal, but it is known that Nergals hand that held his blade was severed from his body; both falling to the earth to be forgotten by the ages. However, Nergal did not forget and for several centuries waited patiently for his severed hand and blade to be found. It is unclear when these items were found or exactly how they have been used, however fanatical followers of Nergals demon cult have been around for quite some time. Each of Nergals artefacts seems to be a focus for his power and a rallying point for his followers. The last known location of the Blade of Nergal was somewhere in southern Aquilonia. Powers: The Blade of Nergal is a +3 weapon to both to hit and damage. It looks like a larger than normal dagger made of an unknown black metal with demon images carved all over it. It has a wavy blade which is serrated on one side and a blood red stone in the hilt. It does 1d10+3, Critical 18-20x4, Hardness 12, Hit Points 20, Weight ½ pound. The possessor of the blade immediately gains one point of corruption the first time he uses any of its powers, no saving throw. The blade gives the user the following abilities Ritual Sacrifice, Augment Summoning and Bleed Dry as per the feats. The blade also confers the following spell-like abilities once per day life drain and unnatural strength. The blade also has the special ability to ‘Consume Life’ which basically allows the wielder to take the life force of any faithful of Nergal, within a 40 ft. radius, and store that power within the blade to be release whenever the wielder wishes in the form of an arcane blast of energy. The faithful receive no saving throws. The green ray of energy comes from the tip of the blade and the wielder must use his own ‘to hit’ scores to strike a creature. The target creature must make a successful Reflex save (DC 14) or be struck by the energy. Any creature struck receives 2d10 points of damage and is stunned for one round. The ‘Consume Life’ power is usable only once per year and can absorb a maximum of 20 souls.

The Spear of Ajujo

Sometimes known as the ‘Plague Spear’ or the ‘Warbringer’, the Spear of Ajujo has been the cause of many tribal conflicts over the last 100 years. Having been lost for centuries, the spear reappeared almost a hundred years ago at the foot of the ‘Fires of the South’, a range of mountains in the Southern Black Kingdoms littered with active volcanoes. Known legends of the spear speak of the wielder being granted grant feats of strength and a greater knowledge of war. It is also thought that the wielder is granted greater powers of charisma which attract many warriors to his cause. Whether any of these legends are true, the one fact is that only death and war follow the spear. Powers: The Spear of Ajujo is a +4 weapon. It does 2d8+4 damage, 18-20x4, Hardness 10, Hit Points 15, Armour Piercing 4, Weight 3 lbs, Type-Piercing. The Spear of Ajujo is 6 feet, 2 inches long and is made of a black, pitted iron. The head of the spear is carved in a jagged leaf-like pattern with several, visible runes carved into it. The spear gives the wielder the following abilities, Alertness, Animal Affinity, Combat Reflexes, Eye’s of the Cat and Horde as per the feats. The only known curse of the spear is that the wielder is compelled to go to war, Will save (DC 17). The wielder must make a save every day he owns the spear or be compelled to war upon his nearest neighbours.

The Claw of Ohn’Rar

Crafted by the dead god Ohn’Rar, the claw is actually a golden talisman in the shape of a leopard’s claw. For untold ages the claw has been lost to the dark depths of the Black Jungles. Almost 20 years ago the claw reappeared in the land of Kush around the neck of the chieftain of the Umgambi tribe. After two years of war with the rival Wahari tribe, the chieftain of the Umgambi was slain and the claw disappeared once again. Legends state that the wearer of the claw gains great powers in the jungles and is blessed by the leopard god. However it is also said that once a month, during the full moon, the leopard god demands payment for his gifts. Powers: The Claw of Ohn’Rar is a talisman that gives a +1 bonus to all Reflex, Will and Fortitude checks. It also gives the wearer a +4 to all Fear checks. The claw gives the wearer the following abilities, Alertness, Eye’s of the Cat, Fleet-Footed and Self-Sufficient as per the feats. Once a month, during the full moon, the wearer is affected by Lycanthropy and is shape changed into a were-leopard form. While in this form, the wearer loses all control and memory and is in control of the spirit of Ohn’Rar. The curse only lasts for ten hours, at which time the person is changed back to his human form, with no memory of the previous ten hours.

Dagon’s Seed

Pulled from a fisherman’s net over five years ago, Dagon’s Seed matches the description of a statue that has been in the possession of collectors and antiquarians for generations. Legends state that the owner of the statue gains in wealth and status and is very lucky in business dealings. Many have tried to possess the statue over the years, hoping that it will aid them in their financial ambitions. However, it is known that those that do manage to acquire the statue don’t enjoy their success for long and simply disappear, never to be found. Powers: Dagon’s Seed is a small statue, approximately 13 inches in height and weighs about 2 pounds. The statue looks to be made of a dark coloured coral. The statue shows a human body, standing erect with its arms stretched outward; however the head is similar to a squid with several tentacles reaching outward. The statue gives the owner the following abilities, Iron Will, Knowledgeable, Negotiator and Persuasive as per the feats. The statue also gives the owner +2 to Will saves. Once per week the owner of the Dagon’s Seed can re-roll one failed check as a ‘Luck Roll’. At any time during the first 30 day’s of ownership, the owner can elect to give up or sell the statue. However after 30 day’s the owner has to make a Will save (DC 20) or be compelled to never sell or give it away. However the statue can be stolen from the owner. After one year of continued ownership, Dagon calls to his creation and its current owner; both disappear into the sea with only the statue returning some years later.

Shield of Honour

Also known as ‘The Shield of Aurion’, the Shield of Honour is one of the oldest known items of magic still wielded by men. Crafted by unknown hands during the beginning of recorded time, the shield was made to combat the demons and dragons that plagued men. Said to have been imbued with the life force of the ancients, the Shield of Honour is a powerful weapon against demons and other creatures from the nether voids. The shields current location is the temple of Ishtar, in the capitol city of Ophir. Powers: The Shield of Honour is made of steel and crafted in the shape of a large circle. The centre of the shield is gold, while the outer rim is silver. Emblazoned in the centre of the shield is a symbol of a Phoenix rising. The shield grants a +3 Defense bonus and the bearer has an 80% resistance to fire. Summoned creatures are at a -2 to all attacks. The bearer of the shield gains the following abilities, Diehard, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes and Shield Proficiency as per the feats. The only known stipulation for the wielder of the shield to have is that he must have a Code of Honour and he must be human.
These look pretty interesting to me. Dagon's seed has go tme thinking about a scenario where the players are employed to find a missing merchant. It could take them a while to realise that the statue is also missing. With the man gone other would be owners of the statue have broken into the wealthy mans house in search of the item. They will, irrationally of course but that is magic for you!, assume the Pcs have taken it for themselves. As the PC's try to track down the missing man they could be beset by different groups trying to steal the object from them! So on it could go until the PC's discover some ancient lore regarding this item and realise what has happened to the merchant and that there is no hope for him. Could be fun
AZZA said:
These look pretty interesting to me. Dagon's seed has go tme thinking about a scenario where the players are employed to find a missing merchant. It could take them a while to realise that the statue is also missing. With the man gone other would be owners of the statue have broken into the wealthy mans house in search of the item. They will, irrationally of course but that is magic for you!, assume the Pcs have taken it for themselves. As the PC's try to track down the missing man they could be beset by different groups trying to steal the object from them! So on it could go until the PC's discover some ancient lore regarding this item and realise what has happened to the merchant and that there is no hope for him. Could be fun

That sounds like an interesting adventure idea!

Eric in Vegas
Thank you!
We really appreciate the lengths you and Vincent go to, to keep fellow fans of Conan happy!
Thanks again!
Thanks for the compliments. It's people like you that make Vincent and I want to write more.

Maybe Matt will put my "To Save A Kingdom" adventure in the next S&P after the misunderstanding this last issue. It's not bad and around 32 pages?

EricKRod1 said:
Thanks for the compliments. It's people like you that make Vincent and I want to write more.

Maybe Matt will put my "To Save A Kingdom" adventure in the next S&P after the misunderstanding this last issue. It's not bad and around 32 pages?


That sounds interesting. What's it about? Can you tell me where its set and give me a two or three line teaser?
I believe Nick was going to publish it and actually put a teaser on this forum thread. I just can't remember which thread. I will try to find it later it between my real job work. :lol:
Is this giving away too much? :?:

Long has king Yezdigerd of Turan desired the wealth and commerce of his eastern neighbour of Vendhya. For many years his servants and emissaries have travelled to the jungle choked land to sign treaties of peace and trade. Ever has Yezdigerd desired that Vendhya be his land and that its people serve him and his nation alone. Only the wisdom and strength of Vendhya’s king, Bhunda Chan, has prevented king Yezdigerd from taking Vendhya by force or by guile. Now, however, all that has changed with the death of Bhunda Chan at the hands of the Master of Yimsha. The Master of Yimsha was a sorcerer of untold evil who led a cabal of demons and dark practitioners and who plotted the downfall of all civilised nations. Though the Master of Yimsha was himself killed by a barbarian chieftain of the Afghulis, the death of Bhunda Chan had far more widespread repercussions.

After returning to the capital city of Ayodhya, the Devi Yasmina, with the help of her loyal Kshatriyas, has established herself as queen of Vendhya and the undisputed ruler. However, many Vendhyans are unhappy with their new queen and some feel that the land of Vendhya has long needed a new noble family to rule the kingdom. King Yezdigerd has made an alliance with the noble Vendhyan family of Veshur. Lord Dhrama Veshur has long desired to rule Vendhya. With the death of Bhunda Chan and the ascension of his sister to the throne, Lord Veshur now has the opportunity to make his dreams a reality.

King Yezdigerd has promised Lord Veshur that he and his will rule Vendhya, but will be answerable to the King of Turan. Yezdigerd has also demanded that the Devi Yasmina be given to him, so that he may add her to his seraglio of noble women. Almost four weeks have passed since the death of Bhunda Chan and King Yezdigerd and Lord Veshur have been communicating through spies and carrier pigeons. Large numbers of Turanian soldiers and foreign mercenaries have been seen moving toward the city of Samara, along the south-western side of the Ilbars River. King Yezdigerd has been gathering an invasion force made up of various soldiers and mercenaries large enough to conqueror all of Vendhya.

For Lord Veshur’s part, he has always been a loyal follower of the dark goddess Katar. Lord Veshur will use his Katari assassins to kidnap the queen and kill as many of her relatives as possible. During the ensuing chaos, Lord Veshur and his family will establish order and be crowned the new royal family of Vendhya. However King Yezdigerd will not allow any but him self to rule and has planned a betrayal of the darkest nature. Once Lord Veshur picks the date of his coup, Yezdigerd will invade Vendhya thru the Zhaibar Pass. Thousands of loyal Turanian troops will invade and plunder the fertile lands of Vendhya while the nobles and people fight amongst themselves. Yezdigerd will sweep across the western lands of Vendhya and besiege the capitol city of Ayodhya before the Vendhyans even know what is happening. Yezdigerd will then execute all known Vendhyan nobles and Kshatriyas and enslave all others, all for the glory of Turan.

The campaign begins in the Turanian city of Samara. Located on the edge of the Eastern Desert along the Ilbars River, the city is known as a quiet place where one can obtain various types of pleasures and illegal or hard to find commodities. Samara is also known as a trade city that’s merchants and peddlers are discreet and don’t ask too many questions. Samara attracts peoples from all over the world; mercenaries, soldiers, displaced nobles and criminals of the worst sort. If it can’t be found in Samara, then it probably doesn’t exist. Games Masters may wish to have the characters spend more time in Samara before they start the campaign. Samara is a great stepping off point for many different types of adventures.
EricKRod1 said:
Is this giving away too much? :?:

It sounds fantastic. I think it will go well with Vincent's Turan write-up/adventure, too.

What level did you write it for?

Any news on it being published in the next S&P?
Vincent and I both agree that levels don't really come into play with an adventure because a GameMaster can easily modify it to fit into any campaign. However I would say start off no higher than 5th level average.

Eric in WA (no longer in Vegas)
Invade while country is united or invade while in Chaos? I will take chaos. Saves me troops and greatly increases my chances of success.

Divide and conquer or in this case Create chaos and conquer.

Thanks. I hope so also. This is probably the last adventure I have that is fully complete. I stopped work on any other Conan rpg related material for obvious reasons. :wink:
EricKRod1 said:
Maybe Matt will put my "To Save A Kingdom" adventure in the next S&P after the misunderstanding this last issue. It's not bad and around 32 pages?


I like the stuff on armor for Thieves, but I was kinda looking forward to seeing this too.

Unfortunately there is no Conan this month and I'm still hopeful for more from "Thief's Companion"...
...but I imagine we cannot complain since they gave use "Empires" for free!! Something which not so many companies would have done...