slaine tribal contest fir domain-the generals games

toothill man

Taking part in Gorias every 3 years,the games open too all taking months of heats till the best face each other in front of the clan elders and the king in the kings hall.The game is simple it is a played in a huge sandbox with hills etc made out as well as other terrain marked using statues of warriors they use the mass combat rules in the main slaine book too fight till the other army is gone.Settlement wide games are taken then local contests before the month long heats in the capital.With much local pride at stake the whole domain gets general fever with much betting and banter.

there is one prize the winner gains the title till the next games of spring general and a unique too every game carved baton this game gives the winner the right too argue for a boon or favour in front of the tribal council.The rod is then being broken before being handed back too the winner there is no time limit on the boon and the favour passes to the winners heir in case of death.
as no one posted was wondering what peoples views were on this contest based it on the games spartans use too play in real life with a high level of roleplaying and tactics sounds like a winner to me?
Sounds like great idea! I really like it and would happily use it in any Fir Domain-centric game I run. There are plenty of opportunities for all sorts of characters to get involved in this and it offers many intriguing adventure ideas.

Just off the top of my head, in broad strokes:
-local scheming in the opening rounds
-village winners travelling to Gorias and risking danger on the roads of Tir Nan Og
-gamblers and fixers getting involved
-true warrior-leaders risking their reputations, desperate to win at all costs
-cheating and mayhem of all sorts in the capital
-intrigues from rival tribes, Drunes or Fomorians who have an insider ready to ask for a boon that would hurt the Fir Domain (may be a spy or a real Fir under a glamour, subjected to blackmail etc)

Not mentioning the fun of playing out the contest with the mass battle rules. I love it! :D

I'd probably only have week-long heats in Gorias, though, as Spring is a pretty busy time already for warriors and farmers alike and perhaps the rod could be a ceremonial spear instead. Or maybe a sword or shield is more suited to the Fir Domain? It could be bent or broken and offered as a sacrifice to the Goddess in a body of water or bog etc.

Great stuff toot!
Hey Toothill, have you considered writing this up and submitting it to S&P? I think it's a winner! 8)

I'd definately be interested in helping out in any way should you decide to do so ...