Size modifier for attack


Hi all,

I have a question. Where are the size modifiers for the attack bonus? I was reading the Atlantean Edition of the Conan RPG and realised there wasn´t any table for the size modifier regarding attack. There is a table for size modifiers to base defence but I don´t think this table applies to the attack bonus, since the larger the creature the easier it will be for the creature to hit a target.

Can someone help?

The table does seem to be missing. However, size modifiers to attack bonus are identical to size modifiers to defence.

Being larger won't make it easier to hit something. The theory d20 works on is that if you are tiny, then a beer mug which we would consider small, will effectively be the broad side of a barn. If you're 60' tall, the broad side of a barn won't be such an easy target to strike precisely.

This also means that two creatures of equal size always have a net modifier of zero. Something larger than you is always easier to hit and avoid; conversely, something smaller is harder to hit and avoid (Dex and other factors being ignored).
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I know this is probably tied up, but I could see awarding a small fighter a +2DV rather than anything to attack. Can't recall if that's already the case, but there's my 2¢... :wink: