Ship's Locker: Out of the Closet

Gauche: Confederation Military

G. Lightweight Extreme reduces weight by forty percent, but triples cost.

H. Very Compact reduces mass, presumably weight, by twenty percent, halves ammunition capacity, and costs forty percent more.

I. Three and one eighth kilogrammes, one and seven eighths, one and a half.

J. Eight hundred starbux, twenty four hundred starbux, thirty three hundred sixty starbux.

K. Forty five darts at either four or five damage dice, at either twelve or fourteen technological levels, and a heavy handgun weight of one and a half kilogrammes.
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► 1. Standard MFG DP-12

1. Rotating magazine would allow differing load outs.

2. Bullpup configuration plus standard magazine.

3. Updated original.

4. Kalashnikov.

5. Okay.

6. Magazine pump action.

7. I see a trend.

8. Stated for self defence, with the ammunition on top.

9. Presumably, the inspiration for a Traveller shotgun illustration; rotating magazines.

A. Looks military.
Gauche: Confederation Military

L. The rules about minimal barrels aren't really neutralized by gauss ones.

M. Arguably, damage remains at full dice rather than be halved to half dice, since acceleration takes place within the receiver.

N. You get that plus eight to Quickdraw.

O. You can't mitigate range cap at five metres effective.

P. In theory, Penetration should be unaffected, but it specifically says high velocity related effects are nullified, and are further penalized ny another minus two.
Gauche: Confederation Military

Q. At the other end of the scale, we have long and very long barrels.

R. Unless there some leveraging costs and/or weights, and at this level I don't see much point, might as well just stick to very long.

S. This increases effective range by twenty five percent, which makes it into the top tier of sniper rifles.

T. Or, a heavy machine gun, if you categorize five damage dice as fifty calibre.

U. Four damage dice would be more in squad automatic, light machine gun, or general purpose.
A bus that transforms into a train

The DMV, or Dual Mode Vehicle, on the Asa Coast Railway in Shikoku, Japan, is a hybrid bus and train. And I rode it.

1. In case infrastructure gets damaged, you can switch.

2. I'd probably have to calculate it out, but I wonder if this variant is cheaper as light urban rail?
Gauche: Confederation Military

V. Short barrel would be the smallest to be considered, possibly handgun barrel since it doubles range, at double the weight.

W. At about sixty metres effective range, falls into the assault category.

X. Both reduce penetration by one.

Y. Gauss high velocity trumps damage diminishment.

Z. But the short barrel increases physical signature by one level.
Gauche: Confederation Military

1. Now we get to the default mode for gauss rifles.

2. That's assault, carbine and/or rifle barrels.

3. I'm going to take the Marine bias in this.

4. Assault is about ideal, since there's no penetration penalty, and damage diminishment is ignored; plus Quickdraw plus two.

5. Three hundred metres effective range is about what we expect nowadays, though I suspect that since Marines are shock troops, it's going to be a much shorter engagement range.

6. Carbine would also ignore the damage diminishment, but there's no advantage over rifle besides cost and weight.

7. The ten percent range difference is inconsequential.

8. Full stock plus bullpup ensures that there would be no range penalties beyond twenty five metres.

9. Close range for three hundred metres effective is seventy five metres, so semi bullpup configuration plus stockless has less utility.
Gauche: Confederation Military

A. So for the Confederation Marine Corps, the standard sidearm is a bullpupped full automated Enhanced Gauss Weapon with a heavy assault barrel.

B. A heavy short barrel is carried along, in case combat becomes uncomfortably close.

C. A normal very long barrel is issued to designated marksmen and snipers, who'd also carry a heavy short barrel.

D. A heavy very long barrel is used to change the bullpupped full automated Enhanced Gauss Weapon into heavy support mode, while remaining a slug thrower.

E. Gyrostabilizer allows straight shooting while at a run.

F. Apparently, a bayonette lug is considered a freebie for most military longarms.
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Gauche: Confederation Military

G. I think if you adopt this design system, you have to discard most of the slug thrower guns in Central Supply Catalogue.

H. It's either this or the those as listed there.

I. It's sort of the same situation between Alphabet drives and High Guard customization, they can't really co exist.

J. My concern with gauss weapons was the implied greater maintenance, at technological level twelve.

K. Compared to chemical propulsion and fairly cheap ammunition, at technological level ten.
Gauche: Confederation Military

L. It's quite possible that the Pulse Rifle from Aliens is the best example of a gauss rifle, rather than that of the advanced combat one.

M. I was looking for a relatively cheap idiot proof weapon to equip somewhat trained troops, with minimum maintenance demands and low cost ammunition.

N. Gauss ammunition is fifty centimes per round, the same as intermediate rifle, and without propellant, maybe easier to manufacture at about the same technological level, since you might need the same precision tooling to make darts.

O. Advanced Projectile Weapon becomes available at technological level nine, and while it costs more, it does drop the weight by ten percent, physical signature by one, and increases range by a quarter.

P. So in theory, there would still be a three technological level gap between that and gauss rifles.
Rocket With You: Light Rifle

1. One hundred fifty metres to two hundred fifty metres; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. Forty centimes to eighty centimes.

3. One hundred twenty percent to seventy two percent ammunition capacity.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, two damage dice ten metres and up.

5. Physical signatures moves from low to normal.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Possibly handgun with automatic three (plus one).
Rocket With You: Light Rifle

A. In terms of improvement, probably the best bargain.

B. Survival rifles would usually be twenty two long rifle, now with a rocket booster.

C. If that bunny rabbit was making calculations, he probably thought he was outside effective range.

D. What got me interested again was that ... standard Handgun barrel reduces range by 80% for all ammunition types except rocket projectiles.

E. And it doesn't get replicated for the other barrel lengths.

F. Design example does show that a long rifle barrel increases effective range to two hundred seventy five metres for ball ammunition, then drops it back to two hundred fifty metres for explosive an HEAP.
Rocket With You: Light Rifle

G. Since the opposition is unlikely to be unarmoured bunny rabbits munching on grass on a flat field, you probably would like to upgun.

H. Considering that a single shot twenty long rifle isn't likely to recoil in any type of firearm, you probably won't need to rocketize it.

I. It's up in the air how much (counter) effect you want to give it in microgravity, but I can't imagine it's something that most humans would be able to ignore.

J. For a third more effect, there's the intermediate rifle, which costs a quarter more.

K. Overkill for a bunny rabbit, but apparently enough for most humans.

In 2014, aliens begin to trade the consciousness-controlled multi-purpose robot "EXOFRAMES" with earth. The military potential of the EXOFRAMES disrupt the current world-order.

In 2022, as the world begins to sink into chaos, some stand to intervene in the conflict between Ecuador and Peru. A unit that shouldn’t exist is formed: The U.S. Marine Corps EXOFRAME Force Recon…

1. If mecha becomes affordable, nay, cheap.

2. To the point that criminals can see them as disposable.
Rocket With You: Intermediate Rifle

1. Range is exactly the same, so no actual improvement, exact in regard to ignoring barrel length; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. Half to full starbux per round.

3. Ammunition capacity drops by forty percent.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, three damage dice ten metres and up; so snub pistol might be a good idea.

5. Physical signatures stays the same.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Possibly handgun with automatic three, though default magazine capacity would be six, maybe plus one in the chamber.
Rocket With You: Intermediate Rifle

A. Basically, what's been default in Traveller.

B. However, while other space forces might utilize it, I don't think the Confederation Marines would bother.

C. Their snub sidearms works to twenty five metres, so they have to cover the gap from twenty five metres onwards, in microgravity.

D. If they brace themselves, their gauss sidearms can reach much further and with far greater effect and accuracy.

E. Intermediate rifle is three damage dice, same as snub, compared to five dice from enhanced gauss.

F. And ammunition cost isn't going to matter (that much).
Rocket With You: Battle Rifle

1. Three hundred metres downgrades to two hundred fifty metres; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. One starbuck to two starbux..

3. Forty eight percent from eighty percent ammunition capacity.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, three damage dice plus three ten metres and up.

5. Physical signatures remains normal.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Possibly handgun with automatic three (plus one), plus three remaining below the definition of full dice.
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Rocket With You: Battle Rifle

A. I remember there was a calculation going on in my head which was the best all around round.

B. Outside of cost and capacity, all other things being more or less equal, three damage dice plus three was at a sweetspot.

C. Recoil was still at three like intermediate, Penetration, if any, wasn't likely to cause minus damage more than one per dice.

D. Explosive rounds optimized those three full dice.

E. Despite this, not quite enough for a technological level fourteen equipped Marine.

F. At this point, you probably want one shot, one kill.
Rocket With You: Heavy Anti Materiel

1. Twelve hundred metres downgrades to two hundred fifty metres; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. Thirty starbux to sixty starbux.

3. Twelve percent from twenty percent ammunition capacity; six, basically.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, six damage dice ten metres and up.

5. Physical signature probably remains normal, from extreme.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Support weapon receiver remains at ten kilogrammes, and seventy five hundred starbux.
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