Ship's Locker: Out of the Closet

Rocket With You: Heavy Anti Materiel

A. I guess this would be the equivalent of a Bolter.

B. Or a Storm Bolter, since I suspect this works better with battle dress.

C. Or I could have overshot, and what we're looking at is a heavy bolter.

D. It's very bulky, so gyrostabilizer seems obvious.

E. I'm looking at this as a substitute, maybe more alternative, to actual rocket launchers.

F. And yes, I'm working on Spacifying Confederation Marines; the Impies can keep Starifying theirs.
Rocket With You: Anti Materiel

1. A klick downgrades to two hundred fifty metres; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. Fifteen starbux to thirty starbux.

3. Twenty four percent from forty percent ammunition capacity; twelve.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, five damage dice ten metres and up.

5. Physical signature probably remains normal, from extreme.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Light support weapon receiver at three and three quarters kilogrammes, and twenty two and a half hundred starbux.
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Rocket With You: Anti Materiel

A. At under four kilogrammes, probably a better candidate for a Bolter, being more mobile friendly.

B. Amplified by eliminating bulky feature with a gyrostabilizer.

C. Damage same as enhanced gauss, though effective range still at a quarter klick.

D. Probably large enough to be intelligent.

E. It's minus four on Quickdraw, so really meant to used at range.

F. Interesting thought would be doubling them up like a Storm Bolter, the two separate gyrostabilizers eliminating each barrel's bulky feature.
Rocket With You: Heavy Rifle

1. Four hundred metres downgrades to two hundred fifty metres; sixty two and a half, two hundred fifty, five hundred, one to two klix.

2. Two and a half starbux to five starbux.

3. Thirty six percent from sixty percent ammunition capacity; eighteen.

4. One damage dice at less than ten metres, four damage dice ten metres and up.

5. Physical signature probably remains normal, from high.

6. Inaccuracy minus one.

7. Zero gee.

8. Recoil minus four.

9. Handgun configuration possible at four hundred forty grammes, and two hundred eighteen and three quarters starbux.
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Rocket With You: Handguns, Archaic and Smoothbores

1. Archaic is probably possible, if you drill a hole into the musket ball.

2. Even more so with the Minie ball, which is hollow to begin with.

3. But it's not worth exploring.

4. The mechanics of rocketizing doesn't do handgun ammunition any favours, in comparison to rifle rounds.

5. While (improved) range would look favourable, cost and damage wouldn't justify it.

6. And then we get to smoothbores.

7. This is one or more slingshots thrown out of a (longish) narrow channel.

8. If you rocketize the shell, the shell becomes the substitute barrel, the timing of the release of the pellets would indicate the artificial length of it.

9. That seems too complex to try and figure out, though possible that the rate of disintegration of the paper or plastic container would influence performance, which would mean carrying around a lot of different shells for expected or desired performance.
Rocket With You: Handguns, Archaic and Smoothbores

A. One aspect of rocketization, is minus four on recoil.

B. I'm not sure how that works out with bulk and very bulky aspects, but it would eliminate a lot of the recoil associated with smoothbores.

C. On the other hand, the pellets are flung out, and I don't see rocketization of individual ones.

D. The other part is ignoring barrel length.

E. Which means really fast acceleration of the shell, which I assume adds a helluvalot more recoil.

F. Maybe just switch to pellet or flecthette for the rifle ammunition, for that desired effect, remembering to keep the targets beyond ten metres for maximum damage.
Smooth Operator: Shotgun Loophole

1. Murder hobos with shotguns, was rather descriptive.

2. It's pretty basic technology, which presumes it's almost foolproof.

3. Instructions tend to be point and click.

4. Seems unsuitable in microgravity environments.

5. But then again, it's meant to be used in law level six jurisdictions, dirtside.

6. Going by preceding restrictions, can't be automated, nor concealable.

7. No mention is made of ammunition capacity, nor ammunition feed.

8. Presumably, minimum barrel length and minimum overall length requirement.

9. Folding stock may be illegal.
Smooth Operator: Shotgun Loophole

A. Heavy smoothbores are probably considered destructive weapons, and therefore illegal.

B. Four damage dice plus four qualifies as five full dice, so anti materiel.

C. Unless elephant sized wild hogs are an issue.

D. Standard smoothbores are tolerated.

E. Minimum length barrel is probably carbine.

F. Usage would be sports, hunting and self defence.
Smooth Operator: Smol

1. Ten to twelve millimetres diameter.

2. Is what, four ten gauge?

3. The .410 bore (10.4 mm) is unusual, being measured in inches, and would be approximately 67 "real" gauge, though its short hull versions are nominally called 36-gauge in Europe. It uses a relatively small charge of shot. It is used for hunting and for skeet. Because of its very light recoil (approx 10 N), it is often used as a beginner's gun. However, the small charge and typically tight choke make it more difficult to hit targets. It is also frequently used by expert shooters because of the difficulty, especially in expensive side by side and over/under models for hunting small bird game such as quail and doves.[13] Inexpensive bolt-action .410 shotguns are a very common first hunting shotgun among young pre-teen hunters, as they are used mostly for hunting squirrels, while additionally teaching bolt-action manipulation skills that will transfer easily later to adult-sized hunting rifles. Most of these young hunters move up to a 20-gauge within a few years, and to 12-gauge shotguns and full-size hunting rifles by their late teens. Still, many who are particularly recoil-averse choose to stay with 20-gauge shotguns all their adult life, as it is a suitable gauge for many popular hunting uses.

4. Three damage dice minus two would still be three full dice.

5. Handgun possible, but bulky trait.

6. One starbux per round.

7. Range sixty metres for slug; fifteen metres for pellet.

8. Twenty five percent cost discount.

9. Physical signature is high.
Rocket With You: Heavy Rifle

A. Bolter pistol plausible.

B. With six recoil points, also burst fire without worrying over accuracy.

C. Confederation Marines could be known as Three Gun Kid(s).

D. Snub pistol for backup and close range, gauss pistol for clearing the decks, and rocket pistol for long range shots in microgravity.

E. Of course, their principal sidearms would still be the assault variants, with larger ammunition capacity and range.

F. Still, useful for other Confederation personnel.
Smooth Operator: Smol

A. So we have the Cartridge Pistol, or revolver, as the smallest listed smoothbore.

B. Bulky.

C. There are probably better options for combat, or even self defence.

D. Apocryphal stories say that they were popular with Southern judges, and it intimidated litigants.

E. Being pistols, they'd illegal at law level six.

F. If you upgraded to assault weapon, you'd eliminate bulky.
Rocket With You: Handguns, Archaic and Smoothbores

G. Actually, I think that you can easily rocketize a shotgun slug.

H. I think the issue would be more to do with the game mechanics.

I. You have would likely remove both the bulky and very bulky traits.

J. And minus four to recoil, which would make it recoilless.

K. Unless you automate the shotgun.
Smooth Operator: Smol

G. The Adjudicator covers this particular niche.

H. Plus the perceived stereotype (marketing).

I. Explosive rounds are in a grey zone, likely illegal.

J. In theory, should be able to accept forty five calibre handgun, which would be the lower end of heavy handguns, which also is bulky.

K. Negotiations with the Adjudicator visible should add one to intimidation.
Smooth Operator: Smol

L. There doesn't seem to be any exception for minimal barrel for smoothbores.

M. Damage dice are still halved, range five metres.

n. Short barrel would allow a range of six metres, but keep full dice.

O. Since I wouldn't count it as high velocity you keep the three dice.

P. Penetration is minus one, added to the original minus one.
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Smooth Operator: Smol

Q. Large-calibre handguns cannot use any form of detachable magazine – this would make the weapon too wide to hold in the hand.


S. Repeaters – in the form of revolvers – or single shot weapons are possible.

T. Assault weapons using large-calibre smoothbore ammunition are highly unusual but possible providing ammunition feed is not through the handgrip.

U. Unless you're a Wookie, though there's always the bullpup option.
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Smooth Operator: Smol

V. I think within the context of Traveller, it depends on what you want this particular type of weapon do.

W. Cheap, sure.

X. As a handgun, you can't legally have it in law level six.

Y. As a longarmesque configuration, I'd go for a twelve gauge.

Z. In theory, I'd design a submachinegun as an assault weapon, since no bulkiness and free automation.
Smooth Operator: Smol

1. The chances are, most users of shotgun won't have Strength Nine.

2. That's an accuracy penalty of minus one.

3. Minus two at strength five, ironically the person most needful of a shotgun.

4. As I understand it, pellets ignore dodge dice.

5. But that the spread factor, replaces that to modify THAC0, within it's base range.

6. In our case, fifteen metres with a rifle barrel, which factored in at two.

7. Short, one and a half metres at plus five; handgun, three metres at plus four assault, seven and a half metres at plus three.

8. Minimal, half dice, five metres at plus six.

9. Vermin slayer.
Smooth Operator: Smol

A. Ammunition capacity for shotguns is exceptional.

B. Longarms, ten shells; assault weapon, six shells; handgun, four shells.

C. Limitations for mechanisms such as a repeater are disregarded, but a weapon can be made compact or high-capacity which will affect maximum ammunition capacity.

D. Longarms with a fixed magazine under the barrel are usually limited by the length of the weapon, with a capacity of 4-8 shells being common.

E. Small ammunition increases the weapon’s base capacity by 40% and reduces weight by 40%.

F. Longarms, fourteen shells, one and a half kilogrammes.; assault weapon, eight point four shells, one and one fifth kilogrammes; handgun, five point six shells, four hundred eighty grammes.
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Smooth Operator: Smol

G. Twenty percent high capacity and fifty percent increased ammunition capacity is plus eighty percent.

H. Longarm twenty five point two shells, assault weapon fifteen point twelve, ten point zero eight.

I. Extended magazine thirty seven point eight, twenty two point sixty eight, fifteen point twelve.

J. Having a repeater without fifty percent ammunition capacity drop seems like cheating, it removes the possibility of automation.

K. Also, fixed magazine would be optionally plausible, with requisite drop in price and weight.
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Smooth Operator: Smol

L. Why would there be that shotgun loophole?

M. I don't think it's everything goes, since heavy smoothbore, pistol sized, and automation are probably illegal, or require permits.

N. Outside of tradition, or even less threat to law enforcement personnel, it could be the short range, and the inherent low ammunition capacity.

O. Ammunition capacity is a grey area, since it's not mentioned in law level(s).

P. We know there are quite a number of ways to have large capacities listed in options, it would depend on whether the jurisdiction makes an issue of it.