Ship Design Philosophy


Cosmic Mongoose
This missile forgoes a large warhead, instead using the space for greater fuel capacity and a more powerful motor. Long-range missiles do not reduce their salvo strength every five rounds.

The more appropriate explanation might be better or more powerful sensors/guidance system.


Cosmic Mongoose
1. Missiles self destruct after ten rounds.

2. Half wander off every five rounds.

3. What happens when you increase the size of the fuel tank, giving it an endurance of fifteen, or twenty rounds, and send it by it's lonesome, thereby eliminating passive fratricide?

4. Presumably, within the window of it's endurance, it reacquires the target.

5. So unless a torpedo either hits an object, or gets shot down, it eternally chases it's target?


Cosmic Mongoose
I notice that the sandcaster launcher is at technological level nine more modern that either a torpedo or missile launcher at technological level seven.

In fact, they're using the same equipment as our current militaries are using.

Arguably, it could be a cold launch, in that the missiles or torpedoes are pushed out with gas, and the rocket motors ignite afterwards.

While the sandcaster could be using a mass driver.


Cosmic Mongoose
Inspiration: Life Aboard... The JMC Red Dwarf | Spaceship Breakdown

3 million years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf. The crew are dead, killed by a radiation leak save for one survivor, his dead bunkmate and an evolved form of his pet cat. But let’s not get bogged down on that - we’re here to overanalyse tiny little details to work out what the day to day life of a Space Corps Astro would be like.

See, not every trip into space means you’ll be tripping the void into distant star systems, nor is it guaranteed you’ll be coming face to face with an alien monstrosity from the far reaches of the galaxy. No, sometimes a day working in space is just another day, flanked by ocean grey walls and waiting for your next paycheck to clear before settling in for another six months of flight time.

Such is life aboard the JMC Red Dwarf.

00:00 Intro
01:05 The Ship
09:29 Working Life
17:19 The Computer
24:13 Food & Drink
29:26 Recreation
33:03 Conclusion

I have to admit, I've never watched it, though I'll have to rectify that.

I think there should be a tertiary air gapped backup computer, in case the primary and backup are defiled or become senile.