Shadow of the Sorcerer?

Jason Durall said:
Mongoose Old Bear said:
Glad to hear it. I was initially scratching my head about the title, but am just happy to have been able to work on such a fun project. I hope it does well for Mongoose and when it appears, the players and Games Masters enjoy it.

Same here. Thanks for shedding some light on the title you guys!
Me too, S4, while I was reading the topic I was thinking "My gawd, what supplement are the y talking around???"
I haven't been here for a while, so much so that I forgot the password and it doesn't seem to recognize my email and name combination.

That said, someone sent me a PM a little bit ago (which I can't read due to the above problem logging in) pointing me here, and I assume it's about this project. I've created a new account to reply to this thread.

The project was canceled when it was around 80% finished. A family tragedy and some health issues put me way behind schedule, and I suspect that there were other issues that made it less appealing than when it was first announced. I'd list them, but they're mostly speculative.

A year or so after the project was canceled, Cross Plains, TX suffered calamitous fires, putting many folks out of homes and causing considerable property damage. I volunteered to complete the manuscript, self-publish it under license from Mongoose, and donate all proceeds to the charity set up to aid the citizens of Cross Plains. Mongoose (Matt) seemed interested initially, but chose not to authorize it.

A couple of years ago, following an exchange on, Matt contacted me and inquired about the possibility of completing and publishing it. I believe there was a misunderstanding on his end about a comment I made, and it didn't proceed.

I put a vast amount of work into the project, completing seven of the nine chapters and writing big chunks of chapters eight and nine, and am disappointed that it will never see print in its current form.

It may see print in another form, somewhere down the line, depending on where the license ends up or whether I choose to repurpose it for something else.

Because of that, I'm not interested in sending it out to folks who request it, no matter how much they promise it's for personal use only.
Matt, couldn´t SotS be published for free download in S&P or in the freebies section, to give credit to Jason at least? (and of course, his money)