Shadizar PDF and map


I saw that Shadizar went on sale at DTRPG in PDF. I assume it still contains the old map. What will be done to provide people who purchase it with an updated map?
I believe Mongoose have said the new map will both available as a download or as a printed version in exchange for the original posted back to them. Anyone who bought the PDF version should be able to get the downloadable one, I would guess.
I don't know about DTRPG, but over at RPGNOW, if you buy a product and the company that made the product releases errata, etc. Then, you get the update for free and an email telling you that it's available. Knowing Mongoose, they'll make it right with you. So, you can feel safe buying the PDF or print versions of Shadizar now. :)
Well personally I'm planning on buying the pdf later this week because I'm not 100% sure about the product. I'd rather shell out $28 than £25 (+ postage) for a product that I may or may not like.

Now I have been extremely impressed by the rest of the Conan line and I know that Vincent has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the stories but given how little has been written about Shadazir in the past this is in effect a Mongoose pastiche so I really want to "try before I buy". If I like what I see then there's a good chance that I'll be buying the boxed set. If I don't, well at least I'll have only spent half as much as I would have otherwise.