service pack 1 differences


I have a copy of the first printing, my friend just got a copy of SP1, are there any differences other then the service pack 1 on the cover?
A basic note re. the changes got coverage here:
Here's an ugly text version of the important changes to the PARANOIA XP rulebook for the second printing, titled "Service Pack One." Most of these are cosmetic, but note the change to the use of armor in the Universal Hostility Formula on pages 70 and 82:

12: Replaced HPD&MC service firm "Psych Ward Administrators" (cut before the first printing, but mistakenly left in the table) with "Trend Identifiers"

37: Treasonous acts: "Filesharing" is changed to "Theft of equipment, possessions or files, including filesharing."

47: Increasing specialty or Secret skill ratings: A specialty or Secret skill rating increase of 1 costs 5 points, regardless of the new rating number. You can spend points when the GM allows it.

65: Tension levels: Broadened and clarified the definition of detection to cover not only The Computer and its agents, but also secret societies or other unspecified parties. If you roll the Tension level or less, someone somewhere -- not necessarily The Computer -- observed the action. (This idea is amplified in the introduction to the fine supplement The Traitor's Manual.)

70, 82: Universal Hostility Formula changed to subtract target's defenses or treason armor (Access attribute) before Boost increments are applied.

72, Ammunition and reloading: Inserted this paragraph at the start: "The cost to reload a weapon is 10% of the weapon's base cost, unless otherwise specified. The weapon chart’s listed cost for ammunition is per magazine, unless ‘Shots’ is 1; for these single-shot weapons, cost is per shot."

73: Weapons table: Cost of reloading or recharging a weapon is 10% of the weapon's base cost, unless otherwise specified. Lasers are recharged by buying a new barrel.
Cone rifle dum-dum shells now have range 160.
Gauss gun -- added notation "only vs. bots"
Slugthrower dum-dum damage is now M3K, range 40.
Added a line at the bottom explaining the double-asterisk notation: "** Unauthorized possession of an item marked with a double asterisk (**) is treason. Possessing an unauthorized tacnuke is big-time serious treason."

75: Regarding combat effects of various damage conditions: A Downed character's player can now spend Perversity on other players' rolls, but not on his own character.

84: Straight procedure for treason accusation, last paragraph:
"The target’s defense is his current Access rating—his ‘treason armor,’ subtracted from the default correction. Furthermore, add the number of the target’s current clone to the accuser’s success roll (making it harder to succeed). Why the clone number? Anyone The Computer has brought back multiple times must, of course, be worthy of its trust. To doubt this is to imply The Computer was mistaken."

85, 86: Increased percentage fines in Straight games. All fines below 5% are now 5%.
86: Treason code JJ is changed from "Filesharing" to "Theft of equipment, possessions or files, including filesharing"
Treason code PP, "Unauthorized destruction of higher-clearance property": Added "+ replacement cost" to the fine for both Classic and Straight.
Treason code VV/2, "Terminating a citizen of higher clearance without prior authorization or evidence": Straight correction, "Termination + replacement cost," changed to "T1E + replacement cost."

107: High Alert specialty description: Added this clarification after the first paragraph: "High Alert is not ‘danger sense.’ There is no danger sense in PARANOIA. If anyone really had a sort of psychic awareness of imminent peril, it would burn out from overuse."

114: Propaganda skill, fourth paragraph, ending "Successive uses of the specialty can increase the victim’s specialty level, but his rating can never rise higher than the propagandist’s rating." Added, "(Or you may decide that rule is far too fiddly for a blatantly cheesy game like PARANOIA, and just let the skill rise to whatever you want.)"

117: Crowd Control (Armed Forces) service firm entry slightly revised to be less similar to the Crowd Control (Internal Security) entry on page 125.

149: Toxic Metabolism: Clarifies that the mutant delivers his poison by touch to a target's exposed skin.

157: Death Leopard: Replaced references to degrees 1-8 (a mistaken holdover from earlier editions) with degrees 1-20. "Degrees 1 through 10 represent degrees of status within the small gangs that constitute most of Death Leopard: Worm, Real Person, Lieutenant, and Head Honcho. [...] Degrees 11 through 20 represent the Hero, Superhero, Superstar, and Ultimate Beast levels of status." (What degrees correspond to which status? That's a GM call. Plus, we couldn't think of 12 more good statuses.)

162: The Psion special rules formerly offered a fixed list of mutant powers a member could learn upon advancing in the society. We cut that list; the GM can now select any power. We added a parenthetical plug: "(You may wish to select from mind-based or ‘psionic’ powers, as opposed to physical mutations like Rubbery Bones. See the fine PARANOIA supplement The Mutant Experience for more details.)"

168: Poison gas does S3K Bio damage.

178: Under "Manual drive," first paragraph, deleted the sentences, "Each type of vehicle requires its own Vehicle Operation specialty. If you have the Autocar Operation specialty, you can manually drive an autocar, but that specialty won’t help you pilot a flybot. For that you need Flybot Operation, a separate specialty." The Vehicle Ops specialty is intended to cover all the main bot-equipped vehicle types all by itself (see page 109).

180: Replaced the existing "Smoke generator" entry with this paragraph: "Smoke generator: A smoke generator increases the Energy defense rating of the vehicle’s armor by 5, so long as the vehicle remains stationary. Unless the vehicle is airtight, after a round or two the smoke does tend to get, well—you know—toxic (O3D Bio damage per round)."

191: Hygiene officer, third column -- deleted the sentence about how the deeper the sample goes, the more likely that the Troubleshooter passes the Skin-Core Sampler test. This contradicted the Depth Control Panel Readings section immediately following, which resolved the test by a 1d20 roll unmodified by depth. (We can't believe we really have to think about some of this stuff.)

243: The first printing's URL for Half Meme Press (home of Paul Czege's My Life With Master) is incorrect. It has been corrected to

247: Equipment chart, clarified the second paragraph as follows: "Every item has a security clearance below which it is illegal to possess the item without specific authorization from The Computer. Possessing an item marked with a double asterisk (**) below the listed clearance is treason. In Straight games possessing an item above your clearance but without the double asterisk is insubordination punishable by a fine. In Classic or Zap games possessing the item is treason."

256: Index, replaced by a far superior index compiled by loyal citizen Saul Resnikoff. The full .PDF download of these changes will include the revised one-page index.