Seeking the names of the authors for JTAS articles


Banded Mongoose
This is a request for help and information. I'm working through the Mongoose 2nd books to update their pages in the Traveller Wiki. I started with the JTAS books. I've discovered that the author's names were not included with the individual articles.

So if you are the author, or know who the author is, of the many new articles in the MgT2 JTAS volumes, please let me know. I'm looking to make this as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Preference is adding the information to the Talk Page in the wiki, but posting here will work too.


Banded Mongoose
I put together my own index of the 6 Mongoose JTAS issues so far and have identified most of the updated articles from the GDW JTAS, along with the authors of the original versions. I'll have a look at the wiki and see if I can fill in some blanks. I don't have any info on who wrote the new articles, however.