Scenarios of Shadizar


Love the adventure ideas in the new S&P!
Makes me glad I don't live there. :shock:
So much love, lust, and betrayal--it's like I'm watching a Mexican soap-opera.
My favorite is the one that mentions the Witch Kings (p. 44 IIRC), but I don't have issue #9. :?
Thank you. :)

I wish I could rewrite the Witchmen article from #9. I would redo them along the lines of the three Hyboria's F series and make them class combos instead of a prestige class.

I loved the article! I've been running a game based in Shadizar for the past two years. Your adventure seeds have totally gotten the creative juices flowing again. Your sick and twisted ideas seem to mesh pretty well with how I've been running the campaign. Thanks for your work!
slaughterj said:
Well, I hereby allow you to do so and post your recreation on here ;)

OK, I'm not Vincent Darlage, but my take would be Soldier / Thief - this unites the two pastiche stories, which feature the Witch-Men. Only a few modifications would be needed, e.g. additional Sneak Attack styles get replaced by Weapon Focus etc. or Trap Disarming becomes Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Witchman's Rod).

The comics seem to implicate a sorcerous Witchman: Thief - Scholar, since I haven't read these, I'm quiet now.
some nice adventure ideas....but i would prefer a full fledged scenario instead of these. if you are short on time you could use a full fledged adventure much more than 121351354 ideas :(

...and even if it sounds like blasphemy against Vincent (which work i really appreciate!)'s not so difficult to write 100 ideas down. every "seasoned" roleplayer knows how "easy" it is to find inspiration and ideas...but how hard it is to make a good scenario from your ideas.

just MY oppionion (and my whish for more full fledged Conan scenarios!) !!!