Scenario Idea for Pirate Isles sourcebook

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
I saw an excellent film not so long ago entitled "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (2003) and recommand it highly.
The setting is during the Napoleon Age (1805) and the story is about a pursuit between a British vessel and a big French ship (that is called "The Acheron" - what a coincidence!).
Of course there are cannons which are still to be invented in the Hyborian Age but there are so many vivid details that we can learn how to pass through a cap (where the currents are crazy), organize supply (with the need to land on an island) and how to prepare to board the ennemy ship.
Just imagine you are on a small pirate ship and are hunted by a Zingaran warship. Now you can play the situation and even turn it to your advantage. That's how everyone in the inns of Tortage will talk of your name. :wink:
IIRC, that film was based on a series of books. The film actually encompassed the first two books. Since it was successful, I'd imagine one or more sequels will probably be made.