Salute - B5 RPG??


Does anyone know if there will be any B5 RPG exhibits/demos at Salute?
I looked on the Mongoose link on Salute website and they mainly mentioned A Call to Arms, Starship Troopers, Gangs of Mega-City One and also "many lines of miniatures coming out to support our roleplaying games, including Lone Wolf, Conan, Paranoia and many more".

I have asked the question of the Mongoose information e-mail but have not yet got a response.

I am assuming that they will have new B5 RPG 2nd ediition rulebook and figure box sets available for purchase.

Second question is does anyone know if you can use the vouchers from current issue of Signs & Portents at Salute? The vouchers state that can't be used for internet sales- I am hoping that able to use in person.

2 weeks to plan my B5 RPG/ACTA purchases....

I'll be at Salute but I never played first edition so I haven't decided if i'm buying this yet. I'm sure it will be shiny and hard to resist, but there are other RPG bits i'm interested in. I'd like to play a demo if one could be scheduled, even unofficially.