S&P-collection for Conan?

Likewise - I think that many new players and GM's would be interested in seeing all of the previous articles written for the game from S & P so far.

I have only recently discovered the magazine, and it has only recently become available at my local game shop.
Well, a "Conan Collection Volume 1" has popped up in the Conan section's release schedule so it seems like they've been listening.

Looks like a bestiary is also in the the works.
Slightly OT, but I wonder if they'll be doing one for B% or ACTA.

Mind you, now that I think about it, thats what the Rules Supplements are for (for ACTA at least)

Sorry to bother your thread.


Where did you see these postings that show a monster manual and S&P Conan collection?

Eric in Vegas :?:
Just a thought, could the "Conan Collectors Boxed" set, as it has a page count of zero, be the first set of figures?