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In another thread, canology said:

We should set up an RQ Wiki!

I'm a fan of wikis, so I went ahead and set one up. It's at:

Feel free to use it to post your house rules, NPCs, monsters, spells, legendary abilites, whatever. I'm in the process of uploading and formatting the SRD, so it will be on there for easy reference.

The site-level password is "runequest" -- this will allow you to edit pages online and add your own content.

I've added this to my favorites.

I've got a lot going on right now, but I do want to start clearing up all my RQ notes and ideas.

I'll try to keep "Utgardloki" RQ compatible with MRQ, otherwise I'll have to develope a dual format.
How about riddles?

I was straightening up my apartment (which is kind of a Saturday activity for me), and found the index cards on which I'd written riddles so I could find a riddle when I wanted one.

Unfortunately, I have three riddles, and two of them are specific to a homebrew campaign world and would have no meaning to anybody without a good rank in Lore (World) for that world. (One answer is the name of a specific dragon, and another is "Khamagoblin", the name of a type of goblin that lives in the forests.)

I was thinking it would be useful to have a page of riddles. I'm not much good as making them up, and everybody knows the answers to the riddles I know.
Riddles are an excellent idea. Finding a goodsource of riddles suitable for a Glorantha game was always a hard ask. A decent Wiki riddle source would be good.

Riddle me this:
When you are whole
I cannot hear
When you are halved
your intent clear.

A: A tounge [it's an EWF riddle].

[Edit] I forgot to mention it was for Auld Wyrmish Language skill.

Don't remember where I heard this riddle, anyway:

What's in my pocket?

A: Go check his pocket, then answer. (This is a search riddle)