Runequest Lankhmar


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It says Glorantha and Lankhmar world settings.

This is totally awesome


Lankhmar! Perfect!

Oh, how I would love to write for THAT setting. My first and best loved fantasy series, that was.


I still have the original Lhankmar city supplement from TSR, one of the best they ever did. A great place for Runequest with the low magic and Gods.

Now if only Matt would get his SOON™s into nows than all would be good.......


How about the city of Santuary (Thieve's World) for Runequest. with a city map(colored) and the street names on the map with letters on the buildings and Temple's area for the cleric's of the different god's and goddesses (Goddess of Laughter).Maybe a arena as Santuary had one in the town(for gladiator fight's) or personal duels between PC's. with different shops (leather goods-weapon shop-healing potion shop-armor shop etc. Names on the streets and the Maze (where everyone knows your name)even if you don't want them to.(street Kid's)..also Brothel's like the Red Latern District. and Inns and Tavern's with encounters on the streets and inside Inn's and Tavern's etc. Just something to think abiut doing-PIGKING--KING OF ALL UNDEAD PIGGIE'S EVERYWHERE IN GLORANTHA! :roll: