Rules question : Traps and Skinning


Banded Mongoose
Hi there everybody !
I have a question about 2 points of the rules, you see, I'm creating my own universe based on Legend basic rules, and I didn't find any rules about the man-made traps (like collets, trapdoor, mousetraps, ...) and how to free himself of that trap. Rules about Skinning are not in the basic book too, maybe you know any rules about it ?
It's important for me, I create so many things in this verse and I want to know if I have to create rules to make him efficient. If you're asking yourselves : "Why will he want to skin an animal on this rpg ?", I'm creating one of the guilds of the central kingdom of my world (who count many many lands and countries), the Hunters Guild, and as I want to have a rpg allowing people to play with one character only, I want to create a real economic life and real crafting materials.

Thanks !!
P.S.: I'm French, so if I'm sorry you have to read bad used words and sentences.
Hy Lilor!

For skinning I'd use the Survival skill which seems to cover getting by in the wilderness. Anyone who hunts knows how to skin - one of the first things I got taught when I went out hunting with my dad and older brothers.

Don't see what other rules you'd need or how detailed you wanna go, but I think Suvival covers it.
Carew has hit the nail on the head with skinning, alternatively you could use say, Craft (Trapper) or whatever.

Regarding traps; If all you're after is man-made mechanical traps, simple pits, rope snares and the like use the NPC's Mechanisms or Engineering skill. To design the trap itself its a simple matter of deciding the type of trap and appropriate damage.

For example:

Covered Pit Trap
Area: 2 metres square x 2 metres deep
Trigger: a creature of SIZ larger than 3 steps into the area
Spot: Opposed Perception vs Trapsetters Engineering or Sleight Skill
Resist: Opposed difficult Evade vs Trapsetters Engineering Skill
If the adventurer fails to notice the trap and resist it he or she takes 1d6 points of falling damage to a random location.

Spiked trap as above but decide if spikes are sized as Daggers or Spears for damage, roll 1D4 for locations struck, this is on top of the 1D6 falling damage. So each spike would do 1D6 + either dagger or spear damage depending on size, to 1D4 random locations and the victim would be considered Impaled - penalties to skills as appropriate to the size of the impaling object -10% or -20% usually.

For magical traps use the same process but the trap is enchanted with an appropriate spell using the Enchantment rules found in Arms of Legend. The opposed roll for Resisting the traps effects would be the casting skill of the enchanter.
Well, thank you Carew and Damon, you're really helping me !
I think I would use Craft for skinning, but i will add a table confronting Damages on the prey and Amount or quality of the loot (yeah i'm really mad).
I searched indeed man-made traps Damon, and so i will do like you said, it's not too hard and i will do write it for basic traps and let players create their own traps.
RQ had Craft (Butchery) which would be used for skinning, cutting up and so on. I suppose Survival would do for catching things to eat. Craft (Trapper) could well be useful of you wanted intact skins that could be sold for profit, whereas Craft (Butchery) would concentrate on the flesh and bones rather than skins which cannot be eaten.

For traps, we normally use Mechanisms - it can be used in many ways.
To build them would require the Advanced Skill of Engineering, or perhaps Mechanisms if the mechanical aspect of it is fiddly - a locket that springs forth a poisoned needle as compared to a pit trap designed to capture a SIZ 24 troll.

Disarming them requires the same skill as was used to build them - Engineering or Mechanisms. Spotting them before they kill you requires Perception Skill at whatever difficulty level - +0% for an average spot, -10% for a hidden trigger, up to -40% for a fiendishly-crafted puzzle box with multiple steps.

Skinning would require Survival, if done for food, or Craft (torturer) if doing it for fun.

Oh, no. :( I found a use for Craft (torturer).