Rules clarification , please .


A few days ago I was reading the EA fact book , and noticed some paragraphs regarding the use of exotic weapons (melee weapons as swords and the like) .
Basically , It said that to employ a sword you had to have the exotic weapons feat , and use skill points to adquire proficiency with the weapon .
Can someone from Mongoose clarify this ?


Of course .

EA fact book . Page 180 :

“For weapons that require special training , you must put ranks into Exotic Weapon skill for each specific item . Exotic Weapon is not a skill that is automatically known by any standard Babylon 5 class , but by anyone with access to the appropriate weapon type (melee , grenade or pistol) and a trainer can purchase ranks in it as a class skill . Some prestige classes provide one or more exotic weapons , as do certain feats .
Since most exotic weapons are not taught in normal society , a character’s background will need to provide a good reason for such a skill to be part of one’s repertoire .”


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Ack. That's a gaff (and one for the Rulesmasters).

Exotic Weapon is, of course, a feat not a skill.


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Basically, you have to take an Exotic Weapon feat (found in the Player's Handbook) in a certain weapon before you can use that weapon properly. For example, Exotic Weapon (sword). If you try to use such a weapon without the appropriate Exotic Weapon feat, then you will suffer a -4 penalty to all attack rolls with it.

Hope that clears things up.

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Crud, that's entirely my bad, too. What was I thinking? I know better, but I see from my original submission that I put down "skill" instead of "feat." Worse yet, I reference it several times as a skill in other places...crap. (Heads off to reread the Techno-Mage Fact Book one more time for stupid errors)


Goldritter said:
I think, it´s time to put an errata on the Mongoosepunblishing Homepage. :D

I second and third, forth, etc. :D

I received a one of the B5 books (The Coming of Shadows) on my Wish list for Christmas and it was rife with errors. Some were typos, which while annoying are sufferable.

Some, I just did not understand where they were going.

I was dissapointed that they still do not have the Telepathic Feats for the Telepaths.

Since I still cannot purchase the EA book from my local store I guess I will buy it online. The local store has their order set to auto-purchase from their Distributor any new books.

Oh well :!: