Rubber suited alien syndrome

If you want to get an idea of how to use an Aslan/cat-like race in a SF setting - look at CJ Cherryh's Chanur series of books - the best treatment of a cat-like race I've seen. In some ways she explores a similar Aslan stereotype, but also gives an explanation why Aslan females might handle all of the 'other stuff'; Hani (pseudo-Aslan) males in her setting are culturally set up to fight for 'Alpha male' dominance, their reflexes and brains are wired for an instant 'fight' reflex, they don't have a 'flight' response. This means that Hani males would react to any thing new or unusual by instantly attacking it, which is why they are not trusted to be anything that might require a careful or measured response to a new situation (pretty much everything in fact).
Aw. The only player I ever had play a Vargr went for a hyper-sensitive minority mentality - that with a tremendous love of hand-to-hand combat. He would make dog jokes, and had a leather jacket with the words "Good Boy" on it. He would look like a goofy happy dog, until someone else made a dog joke at which point he would demand an explanation as to what that person meant.

Sometimes the whole thing could be settled with a bought drink. Sometimes with blood. Depended on the player's mood. Dexterity of 13 and Infighting-3.