Roll20 & Macros


Hi guys, I'm totally new to Traveller. I've recently run a few games with mongoose Traveller 2e and used Roll20. So far I can't really figure out the character sheet they have up on Roll20. So I ended up making a few macros for rolling of my own. One for standard rolls, another for boon rolls, and another for bane rolls. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the macros here (i'm pretty sure I can without breaking a forum rule). So if you're interested in them and if it's ok, I'll share them here.


Ok. Here's the Macros I use for Traveller. They help with dice rolling. I'm pretty sure there are better ways to make these macros, but they have worked for me. I just took the macros I saw for D&D 5e d20 games using advantages and disadvantages and tweaked it till it seemed to work for Traveller's 2e standard rolls and Boon and Bane rolls. I hope these help some of you who us Roll20. Fee free to tell me your thoughts. Also feel free to share anything you use for Roll20. :)

For a standard dice roll.
Macro Name: Standard Roll

/roll 2d6 + ?{Modifier|0}

Boon dice roll.
Macro Name: Boon

[[ ?{|Boon, 3d6kh2 + ?{Modifier|0}|} ]]

For Bane dice roll.
Macro Name: Bane

[[ ?{|Bane, 3d6kl2 + ?{Modifier|0}|} ]]