Roguish types of magnamund

Damn I hope they decide to reprint some of that stuff into their supplements for those of us who can't afford any magazine subscriptions.
Articles do turn up on for download. But at an unspecified length of time after publication.

Or just buy the individual mags. 21&22 are the only ones to have any LW content (so far).
Greg Smith said:
Articles do turn up on for download. But at an unspecified length of time after publication.

Or just buy the individual mags. 21&22 are the only ones to have any LW content (so far).

That's what I intend to do, I'm heading to my local store this weekend to see if they received issue 21 (or I could give them a call).

We were told there would be three issues in a row with LW content, so we'll probably see something in issue 23 as well.
Greg Smith said:
Or just buy the individual mags. 21&22 are the only ones to have any LW content (so far).

The same regular lack of funds prevents me from doing that as well.
Without having a copy of the book to hand wouldn't taking the Buccaneer class and substituting out some of the more nautical abilities for more urban/sneaky abilities fit the bill for a rogue class?
Probably, but I don't like to tweak character classes. I'm not very experienced in creating character classes and I second guess myself a lot.

Here's hoping the Lone Wolf articles wind up on RPGnow for my convenience. :)
My problem is getting Signs and Portents in South Africa. I'll check my local FLGS, but if they don't have it I would have to import it, and I'm not about to do that.
Ok. Since many people on this forum don't like to combine or interpret other d20 products for use in Magnamund (even though most of the core mechanics, minus AoOs and the magic system, are the same (I hate memorization and AoOs), here are some ideas for roguish types with mechanics transported over, as well as clearing up some general inconsistencies about rogues.

Let's take the general fantasy idea of an adventuring thief. What qualities do they possess?

A. The ability to move stealthily, without being seen or heard.
B. The ability to open locks without a key
C. The ability to climb steep walls and/or overhangs with great skill.
D. The ability to notice traps and environmental details that less observant people may overlook, and then disarm those traps or lessen the danger of those environmental details.
E. The ability to play a role/disguise in order to gain information about a desired goal, person, or object, and get back out safely
F. The ability to wound or kill an opponent by knowing his vital areas and swiflty plunging some type of edged weapon into those vital areas.
G. The ability to pick pockets and engage in sleight of hand movements of great dexterity and speed.
G.1 This ability also extends in some cases to juggling.
H. The ability to perform a wide variety of acrobatic maneuvers for evasion.
I. The ability to detect and defeat other thieves in the same areas
J. The ability to fence/acquire hard to get or needed items.

Ok. All of these are fallacies in one way or another. What you have with that list is a spy or an agent (overt or covert) trained in assasination and information gathering, also known as a field agent or HUMINT.
The most interesting is that almost all of those qualities extend to a Kai Lord, except for J, and some uses of G. So a Kai Lord is a rogue than?. No. He is an agent trained in subertfuge, warfare, observation, trickery, and the innate powers of the mind to form a perfect troubleshooter or peacekeeper. He sure is not some greedy ass pickpocket cutting purses or running rigged games.

Lecture mode engaged.

Any guild of organized criminals sets asides roles to be played as a team. Most historical thieves were not broadly trained in all of the above arts, but often focused on two or three of the above qualities. If you want to run or create a group of classes for Maganmund for thieves, pick one or two arts of the above list that the class is good at. All of the classes done for Lone Wolf to date focus on one or two class features or themes.

Brother of the Crystal Star-Classic word and gesture based wizard specializing in defensive, detection, transportation, and offensive magics. High level or rapid spellcasting drains the Brother's life force quickly.

Dwarven Gunner of Bor-A marksman specializing in the use of firearms, explosives, and metalwork. Can enhance firearms using earth magic and innate skill.

So pick one or two and make a thief class.