Road Of Kings, any info


well, its May has arrived and i am waiting for the UPS guy to bring my copy of the Road of Kings, but since i know ill be waiting for a while, i was wondering if someone had any info, when is it going to hit the streets, if someone was luky enough to have seen a first copy well you get the picture,
Realistically look for it the first week of June. That has been the trend.
I can't wait for Road of Kings...

Think about it...a hardcover gazetteer filled with information on the Hyborean World.... I would buy this even if it weren’t connected to the RPG. This can only help enhance any reading of the Conan stories, Howard or pastiche. But it is attached to the RPG and thus filled with GM and Player ammunition...fleshed out PC backgrounds and diabolical GM plot intricacies...

I cannot wait!!
Same here, I’ve been reading anything I can get my greedy hands on and the road of kings is going to help avoid contradictions,

msprange said:
Copies have arrived here at the office - just waiting for them to arrive at the warehouse now. . .
Okay Matt, give us your best sales pitch, why should we buy the book, how darn cool is it really, did it blow away even your expectations (oh I am trying so hard not to include a joke about editing :) )?


I could care less about having stats for Howard's characters except for interest's sake. If my party ever deigned to fight Conan at his prime, I would see to it that they lost -- Conans aren't for killing.
same here,
i was thinking more along the lines of who's who,
who are the rulers, what kind of political relations they have etc. etc. more along heping describe the political situation of the diferent places
InsomNY said:
Belkregos said:
got the preview from the sons

Aye, 'tis sweet. I trust the preview is not the entire chapter on Aquilonia, but it's a very nice start.

Hoo-boy!!! I like this! Got it just as I was outlining my campaign. This preveiw will be put to immediate use. Want to read more about Aquilonia. Now I want RoK so bad I can taste it. Mongoose rules!
InsomNY said:
Aye, 'tis sweet. I trust the preview is not the entire chapter on Aquilonia, but it's a very nice start.

Don't worry - it's nowhere near the whole chapter...