Rippler bug painting in progress


In anticipation for the STT:EVO day at the end of the month I'm furiously painting my bugs in time for some long overdue SST gaming.
Here's the first of my speed painted Ripplers which is now well underway.


I'm aiming for a mix of browns for these guys with a matt finish for the fleshy areas and gloss for the armoured carapace.
Although the lighting isn't great in this shot and makes it hard to tell I've painted the underside of the carapace bubonic brown with a terracotta wash and highlighted with a bubonic brown/white mix.
The markings have just been applied in snakebite leather and I'll be be building up the highlights later.
The wings and claws are based in graveyard earth which I'll be building up to an off white shade.
I've abandoned the traditional clear base in favour of a large plastic.
This isn't up to my usual standard of painting but is just the test piece and I've only a couple of weeks to get them finished in time.
I have to say that this is my favourite MGP model to date, the detailing is excellent and is an absolutely brilliant sculpt.
If I had the time I'd field an army based on this model.:)
Good stuff, I was about to start my ripplers too... but I doubt I can get enough bugs done overall for the 30th, so I'll just bring my MI.
Cheers Alex83! :)
I was thinking of taking MI but figured it'd be more fun to try and have a bash at getting an Arachnid army done in time. :)