Request for science fiction game.


In the future when the Mongoose looks to create a science fiction universe for its Runequest engine. All I ask is to look at the works of these authors for inspiration.

Iain M. Banks, Charles Stross, Cory Doctrow, Karl Schroder, Alester Reynolds, and John Wright(Golden Age Trilogy).

In gaming only Gurps Transhuman Space has tried to deal with the subjects and beings the populate these authors novels.

I love the Traveller and B-5 setting and Star Wars is fun, but compared to the ideas that these writers and others in modern SCIFI come up with in their stories make the tv and movie settings seem a little sterile.

Okay lets finish this mini rant by saying if you do another SF setting please do not reinvent Traveller or Star Wars.

Thanks for listening.
David Drake's "Foreign Legions" might make an excellent RQ- based SF setting, whether post SPQR or pre-SPQR. The background is fun for an RPG with the constant warfare between the merchant guilds, the imposed stagnant heirarchy in the Federation, and the "quiet rebellion" led by earth to release a lot of suppressed species from the oppresion. I'm not sure if anyone has produced a set, yet.

At one moment warp missiles and heavyweight beam weapons from insterstellar warships (albeit _naval_ warships), to the heavily limited armaments of Roman legions (or middle-age longbowmen). Not to mention the supporting genetically re-engineered mammoths fighting an assortment of alien races. It could cover small-team combat/similar situations to space.... and some of the models can be reused, too. :D
You might want to add Kevin J. Anderson to the list of autors. I recently picked up his Saga of the Seven Suns series and it is an excellent read, space opera on a grand scale.
Re: David Drake inspired game settings

Fire Ships or the RCN/ Lt Leary settings would be better. Both would lend themselves well to a adventuring party type game.
Dan Simmons (the Hyperion novels)
C.J. Cherryh (Downbelow Station, Tripoint, the Merchanter novels)
Larry Niven (Ringworld, The Integral Trees, many others)
Jerry Pournelle

All excellent Science Fiction authors.