Reflexive Parry


I was wondering if anyone thinks the prerequisites for Reflexive Parry are a little on the high side.
I haven't go the Atlantean edditon yet so I dont know if it has changed there but in the first eddition no character is able to take this feat before 12th level, and that is as a straight soldier the best parry class(they qualify at 11th but have no feat available).
Since it basically a weaker version of Uncanny dodge, a class ability for barbarians and pirates at 4th level having to wait until 12th seems a bit harsh. And that is witht he best parry class, if you wanted to get it as a noble or thief you would have to wait until 18th :shock: before they had the prerequiste and an available feat.
Is it just me? Or is are the prerequisite for this feat too high?
I personally think the feat is strong enough to warrant a level 12 requirement. 18th level might be a little harsh on the borderer, noble, nomad and thief. The thief may not want the feat anyway. At high levels it will save your life when you lose initiative and an opponent with a two-handed weapon puts all his his BAB into Power Attack against your DV 10.